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Frag Xperts [FX]

Guild Details:

Founded: 2012 Guild Size: 200 (8 Registered)
Leadership Representative: Soless.7830 Voice Communication: Teamspeak
Active Hours: 12-3AM, 6-9PM, 9-12AM Server (PST)
Playstyles:  sPvP    WvW    PvE  
Social Media:
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FragXperts Was originally a battlefield clan that then moved over to Guildwars and Guildwars 2.  In Guild Wars we are a casual PvX guild catering to players of all skill levels.  We pride ourselves on keeping a friendly and helpful atmosphere especially for new players.  Our main focus currently is getting new blood into WvW and helping people lvl up to 80.

For more info or invite, msg me,(Soless.7830)

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