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Calamitous Annihilation [VEX]

Guild Details:

Founded: 2014 Guild Size: 20 (12 Registered)
Leadership Representative: acdspydar.8920 Voice Communication: Teamspeak
Active Hours: 12-3PM, 3-6PM, 6-9PM, 9-12AM Server (PST) Homepage:
Playstyles:  WvW  
 Casual    Crafting  
Social Media:
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Guild Info
We are a WvW focused guild aiming for multiple daily raids. This is a NA timezone based guild. We are wanting to expand our core group to be able to field about 20 per run. Our main focus is group play using synergy. We will fight anything that stands in our way, or die trying.  While we are a small guild we are not havoc, don't let the numbers fool you.  You don't always need 40+ people to take a keep.

What We Do
We love fights and testing our skill, e.g. we are not runners.  We take keeps, towers, or key objectives and are not afraid to devote time to break way points or work to get way points on enemy borderlands.  We currently do this with 8-15 people, and often fight out-manned.  Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, but we always have fun (especially if they have to blob us to get us out).  Trust me, there is nothing more entertaining (though also frustrating) than seeing the map queue knocking at your door for a handful of people.

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