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Sanctum of Rall Features

The Sanctum of Rall offers many unique features that no other server chooses to offer. We take pride in our server and the legacy of our namesake and provide new players with guidance and a helpful hand. This server is special to us and we'd like to make it special for you too.


  • Commander On Deck: This system allows commanders to display their success on the battlefield through monitoring PPT while their on the field. Participants can claim participation to be added to the weekly raffle and compete on the leaderboards.
  • Leaderboards: Making use of the Commander On Deck system this provides commanders with a visual ladder of top performers on the server and provides them with a competitive edge to their normal routine. Both Commanders and Participants have their own leaderboard.
  • Badges, Statistics & Awards: Every registered member begins to earn badges, awards, and collect statistics on their profile page. Players can also receive Commendations and comments from their peers for excellent display of leadership.
  • Versatile Event System: This detailed scheduling tool allows you to organize your event’s listing details, requirements, and allows players to RSVP, add the event to their calendars with iCal, JSON, and XML support, and features Twitch connectivity.
  • Event Livestream Showcase: Players who livestream their events can plug their stream directly into the site to gain homepage exposure for their livestream.
  • Customizable Guild Pages: Every registered guild can have their own customizable profile page including a general overview of their guild, a recruitment message, roster, and toggle options to help them recruit new players looking for a guild.
  • Raffles: We offer weekly and monthly raffles for WvW Commanders, WvW Participants, New members to the community, and active members of the community.
  • Weekly Community Missions Events: Each week SOR Community Events [SORC] hosts 2 guild missions events for everyone on Sanctum of Rall who was not able to make their own guilds missions event. This allows everyone a chance to earn guild commendations and ascended gear.
  • Annual Charity Events: Every year the Sanctum of Rall participates in several charity events including: Pink Day in LA, Extra Life Charity Event, and we support breast cancer awareness in October by going pink.
  • Community Teamspeak Server: We welcome all players of Sanctum of Rall to join the community Teamspeak server and participate in events and WvW with other members of the community.
  • Weekly Reset Meetings: A fun and friendly gathering each week on Teamspeak to discuss what we did on the battlefield the week prior, share new strategies, and plan the next weeks focus of attack. These meetings are open to all.
  • A Deeply Invested Core Community: The majority of the people who call Sanctum of Rall home have been here since day one, rose to first place, and sank to last place together. We are here not because we want to win but because Sanctum of Rall has a special meaning to us. It is a personal investment and commitment we feel that keeps us here regardless of the situation on the battlefield.

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