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More MMOBuff stuff - quiz the devs and win free swag


Commander Screenager.7804
   Member of Afterlife

Posted On: 09/11/2014 at 11:18 PM


Hi Everyone, Pax, Gamescom and E3 are all past for 2014 but con season isn’t quite over yet. The team at ArenaNet  are taking Guild Wars 2 ( ) to London, England and the Eurogamer Expo show . Between 25th-28th September devs and the community team will be on hand to sign your stuff, answer your questions and sample dubious British culinary delights. They will also be helping us present the Friday night Convergence show on


On Friday 26th September at 6pm British time, in a change to our normal 8pm time,  we will be broadcasting live from the Eurogamer Expo at the Twitch booth. You can catch us and some of the team form AenaNet over at during this broadcast.


With Devs on hand it’s a great opportunity to get questions answered. We want your help to pick those questions. Drop us an email on with questions for the ArenaNet dev team or topics you want us to cover.


While you could just be curious to find out some more about Guild Wars 2 there’s another reason to pose your questions. Everyone entering a question will get put into a draw to win a super rare Mini Lama Pet as well as a other prizes such as GW2 mouse mats and notebooks.



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