Open invite to Gaiscioch' Tuatha Alliance
Dec. 09, 2023
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Dec. 08, 2023
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Dec. 08, 2023
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Dec. 08, 2023
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Open invite to Gaiscioch' Tuatha Alliance


Commander Foghladha.2506
   Site Admin of Gaiscioch na Rall

Posted On: 06/09/2017 at 03:02 PM

Greetings Everyone,

It's been a while since any activity was shown over here and I wanted to let you all know Gaiscioch and SORC are still running weekly missions for all and welcome you to join us over at: as an honorary member of our Tuatha. Our Tuatha was created back in Dark Age of Camelot and serves as an Alliance system for the Gaiscioch. I have added Sanctum of Rall to our Alliance list an any member of the server who wishes to join is welcome. You can learn more about our Tuatha Program at 

It's a great way to fill your calendar with fun activities. Additionally everyone is welcome in our Discord at: or 

Benjamin Foghladha
Community Manager,
Founder and Activities Director, The Gaiscioch Family [GSCH]


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