You are invited to the Sinister Swarm Superhero Day Cosplay Parade!
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You are invited to the Sinister Swarm Superhero Day Cosplay Parade!


   Member of Sinister Swarm

Posted On: 04/22/2016 at 03:50 PM

Get out your thinking caps and start digging through your wardrobe because the Sinister Swarm Cosplay Parade is here again!

On Thursday April 28th, 2016 we will be holding a cosplay parade and costume event in Lion’s Arch at 6pm PST. Why on a Thursday you ask? It’s because it is a special day for all us nerds out there…..SUPERHERO DAY!

To celebrate this Geekiest of Nerd days we will be theming our cosplay event after Superheroes. Each contestant can enter one female and one male Superhero into the contest. These Superheroes can be from anything so long as they are a Superhero so DC, Marvel, Blackhorse, Image Comics and much more, but just remember that if you pick a lesser known superhero to let the judges know and have a picture ready for them. Note that both Comic and movie versions are acceptable for these entries.

To round off the contest we will have a final category which is entitled The New Big Bad of Tyria. Because if we didn’t have those Supervillains and baddies what would the heroes have to do? This part of the contest is for you to create an Original Character with their own looks and back story both will be presented to the judges. Get creative!

As well as the cosplay contest we will be marching around Lion’s Arch to start off the fun and for those that just want to hang out we will have Boxes o’fun, Bobble head stations and water balloon fights and much more for us to all have a great time and enjoy this wonderful Event.

There will be prizes give out at the end of the night and closer to the event we will announce some of the awesome prizes that can be won.

Have a SUPER day!

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