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Commander Foghladha.2506
   Site Admin of Gaiscioch na Rall

Posted On: 06/21/2016 at 02:52 PM

Greetings Everyone,

My data shows a handful of us still use this site regularly and I wanted to update those that do on where I plan to take this site. 

The Sanctum of Rall Mercenaries (WvW)

With the server alliances here to stay and the rotation being voted to be faster than the original 3 month timeframes, it's looking like Sanctum of Rall is going to become a mercenary band that goes from server to server either monthly or bimonthly. With this being the case, we're going to have to be reconnecting with new servers, new allies, new wartime situations every month or two. This can be tiring and troublesome but my goal is to help put our current allied information up front and center for you so that you know where to connect. Out of respect of our allies I won't be posting their voice comm information but I will post the live view of the battlefield and our current ally right on the homepage along with a link to their official page.  That's my phase 1 plan.

The Future

Let's face it, there's not much of a reason to come here much anymore, They took away our servers PvE side with Megaserver, they took away our independence as a WvW server with Server Alliances. There is but 2 reasons people still use this site. 1. As a Tribute to Roger "Oldroar" Rall, 2. As a way to communicate with other Sanctum of Rall players.  Things like our Commander on Deck are insanely harder to manage as we're going to be changing ally's frequently. 

I plan to use Sanctum of Rall's event calendar as much as possible to let you guys know when we have open missions and boss hunt events. I will also be looking at ways to make Sanctum of Rall based events run on a similar system to the Commander on Deck system so it's not limited to WvW anymore. It may be a bit different than the original but I'd like to have some way to still host events and pass out some prizes.

The Return of the Great Tyrian Adventure

I am planning to relaunch this in a smaller form come August 2016. The format will be 10 weeks, 10 Raffles for Attending, We will be giving away 20 Silver Rewards, 10 Gold Rewards, and 4 Platinum Rewards. These events will be focused on Guild Missions, Mini Dungeons, World Bosses & Temples. SORC Invites will be given to all participants. Here's the tentative schedule.

All Events Begin at 6PM PT and End at 8PM PT

  1. Aug 16th: Guild Missions + Mini Dungeons
  2. Aug 23th: Guild Missions + Temples & Titans
  3. Aug 30th: Guild Missions + Mini Dungeons
  4. Sep 6th: Guild Missions + Temples & Titans
  5. Sep 13th: Guild Missions +  Mini Dungeons
  6. Sep 20th: Guild Missions + Temples & Titans
  7. Sep 27th: Guild Missions +  Mini Dungeons
  8. Oct 4th: Guild Missions + Temples & Titans
  9. Oct 11th: Guild Missions + Mini Dungeons
  10. Oct 18th: Grand Finale Raffle

I may throw some additional fun in there if new things appear that we want to go after. I'm hoping that we can stay together as a community and continue to entrain the masses even as a mercenary server. If you've got any ideas feel free to share them with me! :D.


Benjamin Foghladha
Community Manager,
Founder and Activities Director, The Gaiscioch Family [GSCH]


Member Response:


Commander Jeff.5139

Replied On: 06/26/2016 at 08:00 PM

For WvW if amenable maybe we can ask our server-partner and server-mates (be it permanent or temporary) for info they would like to share which we can post here, like perhaps schedules of when guilds or drivers run at certain times of the week and their requests for roles that they need filled, builds they would like to recommend, etc.  




Replied On: 07/14/2016 at 01:07 PM

I'm just mad at what they are doing with WvW. We'll never build a real WvW community by swapping partners everytime. It's like a relationship with cheating; will never work!


Commander Foghladha.2506
   Site Admin of Gaiscioch na Rall

Replied On: 07/15/2016 at 12:53 AM

Yeah i'm not to thrilled either. I feel like a orphan being passed from family to family. I really liked DB and wish we could just stay with them. Hard to feel like you belong when you're constantly shoved to the next server.

Benjamin Foghladha
Community Manager,
Founder and Activities Director, The Gaiscioch Family [GSCH]


Commander Mistress Collisto.1546

Replied On: 07/23/2016 at 01:39 PM

This whole WvW has been just another nail in the coffin for us.  I will always Bleed SoR until the end so myself and EVIL are not going anywhere.  Our time in WvW has been cut in about an eighth of what it used to be.  Many of my players enjoyed the strategy aspect and not the zerging mentality.  EVIL one night spent an 1:45 in a prolonged and retracted siege to take a keep while holding the rest of EBG.  While holding the entire EBG with 25 people was part of the problem, the prolonged thought and strategy is where we excelled.  My guildies who where active that night and took part in that, will forever remember how that brought our guild together and even brought in new friends from the server.  Sure we didnt get much loot, Yes it was a siege battle, but that didn't matter.  Now, a group of 20 is nothing more then a really big havoc group or a small fighting force where you better play whatever the weeks best meta build is and learn to be a better zergger or you will succumb to the enemies zerg in there annoyance over you, and constantly get hunted down and swatted like flies.

I was told by one insider, that only one server had an all out vote to not do a server merge and rotation.  I like to think that may have been ours.  It was hard to believe that even a weighted vote 75/25 would have allowed us to keep our own identities when you have at least 75% of the population in T1-T4.  For years players from the upper tiers have tried to bribe, and buy us, for years we held out in favor of our version of enjoyment.  They finally had there say and didn't have to front a single coin or gem.  Its a sad state that we are nothing more then unpaid mercenaries in a sometimes hostile environment.  

Anet is avoiding the full merging of servers in the hopes that they can balance populations using a swapping and pairing scheme.  While it makes sense for numbers, it does not take into account player attitudes or feelings for all of this.  For years I have thrown input to GMs directions about the need to rebuild community in game such as eliminating mega servers and events from major cities.  Giving more reasons to change to lower tier servers, and more rewarding experiences in WvW.  For years my voice has been drowned out by the majority who just want a game based around Zergs and easy loot.  It is my feeling within a year or two you will see an almost exact copy of EotM where WvW used to be.  We all know how EotM is a joke, even if you do enjoy it out there, you know what I speak of.

We have come to a point where we each have some hard choices.  I will let it be known as said above, I am here with you guys and will stand until the end, unfortunately more PvE and less WvW are on my plate for the near future.

Fog, you have always done a great job on the website, and I trust you with anything you choose to change or do here.  This is our last untouched home to SoR even if many do not use it at the moment.

Mistress Collisto|Molly Oakenheart|Lena Andersdotter|Heather Jones
Guild Leader of [JADE]

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