[SIN] Sinister Swarm is recruiting players of all levels!
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[SIN] Sinister Swarm is recruiting players of all levels!


   Member of Sinister Swarm

Posted On: 10/03/2015 at 06:07 PM

Hello everyone! The Sinister Swarm is looking for new members of all skill levels to join us in all the awesome content coming up in Heart of Thorns!  Also, we will be having a cosplay parade on October 25th at 5 pm PT to celebrate HoT!  An additional reply will be made on this thread with the details once they're set in stone.

The Quick Rundown:
Honor Above All Else!
Guild Name and Tag: Sinister Swarm [SIN]
Preferred gameplay: PvX! Daily event lineup ranging from WvW to dungeons to guild missions to jumping puzzles, with organized PvP groups, Fractal Fridays, and raid groups soon to come! If the game has it, we’ll try it together!
Home World: Sanctum of Rall
Region: NA Based PST/MST/CST/EST: Extremely Friendly to EU/Oceanic Time zones as well
Primary Language: English
Active times: Most active ~5-8 PM PST. Many of our daily events start at 6 PM PST, including guild meetings (every Saturday)
Voice Communication: Ventrilo
Representation policy:  100% representation

Guild Overlord: Fate [Darkfate.9168]
Guild Vice Overlord: Agathu [Agathu.1890]
Guild Herald: Arlessa [Arlessa.2017]
Website: SinisterSwarm.com

Arlessa is in charge of recruiting and thus the primary contact, but feel free to talk to any of the officers listed above for more information!

Current Event Lineup (all times listed are in Pacific Time)
Mondays: Dungeon (4 PM), Heritage Night (Edge of the Mists, with the race we play as changing each week) (6 PM)
Tuesdays: Guild Farming (6 PM) (sPvP soon to come)
Wednesdays: Guild Missions (6 PM), Dungeon (7 PM)
Thursdays: Dungeon (4:30 PM), World vs. World (6:30 PM)
Fridays: Fractal Friday (3 PM), World vs. World Reset! (6 PM)
Saturdays: Guild Meeting (6 PM), Guild Missions (7 PM)
Guild Meetings include a Trivia Contest and Door Prizes!
Sundays: Hide and Seek (5 PM), Jumping Puzzle Porting Party (6 PM)

Guild Charter
For 16 years now, our community has withstood the test of time. Founded upon a higher set of standards, we continuously strive to provide our members with the most complete and rewarding gaming experience. We have made many accomplishments, but what we value more than anything are the relationships that we have built within our community. We have gone beyond your typical guild experience and are more of a family. It is our basic principles and these friendships that bind us together. While games come and go, and so many of the “hardcore” guilds crumble around us, the Sinister Swarm remains eternal!

Who We Are
The Sinister Swarm is a multi-platform gaming community with 16 years of gaming experience built into its tight-knit leadership. Through long hours and a great deal of dedication, the Sinister Swarm has grown into a well-respected and well-regarded community that has members still in it from the very beginning. The world “guild” no longer can describe what we have become over these years. We put the class back into gaming, always putting People before Pixels!

1999: Sinister Swarm’s original founding as SLAYER Clan for Team Fortress 2.
2000: Sinister Swarm moves to Everquest 1, our first MMO.
2002: Dark Age of Camelot, where we began our legacy spanning 8 years.
2005: Guild Wars, shedding blood conquering the battled fields.
2008: Age of Conan, having only spent a small time in Age of Conan, but our dedication was known server wide.
2008: Warhammer Online, once the Iron Rock guild of the week, Sinister Swarm was widely respected and feared alike during their reign.
2009: Aion, we moved on from Warhammer to Aion and continued our efforts.
2010: Global Agenda, Star Trek Online and World of Warcraft; with so many members and such a wide variety of tastes we spread our wings of dominance, we began not one but three branches of our interest in this year.
2011: Rift and Star Wars: The Old Republic, two promising new games, Rift a dynamic new game by Trion Worlds where we excuted both PVE and PVP dominance. And, Star Wars: The Old “Swarmpublic” which is currently still being played in wait for Guild Wars 2 release.
2012: TERA Online, led by Emperor Venom himself, not only the highest ranked gaming guild on the Jagged Coast server, but one of the most widely respected ones as well. Quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with server wide.
2012: GW2: Duke Legend began working diligently to lay the groundwork for the Guild Wars 2 chapter by recruiting, filling officer positions, and learning all he could about the game prior to it’s release in 2012! Under his outstanding leadership, many Sinister Swarm members participated in all the beta events and we were fully prepared with a roster of over 400 members when the game launched on August 28, 2012! We continue to focus on all 3 aspects of the game: PvE, sPvP and WvW, with some EPIC battles fought in the borderlands, as well as Eternal Battlegrounds and Edge of the Mists. Coming up on 3 years later, the GW2 chapter is still going strong, led by Queen Fate as Overlord, Baron Agathu as Vice Overlord and Elijah as Captain. Agathu and Lurkerfox have been streaming the new beta content, and we are all looking forward to the upcoming Heart of Thorns expansion and Raid Groups!
2012: Karaoke! One of the first in-game GW2 parties shortly after launch was a beach party near the bonfire in Lion’s Arch. We were trying to figure out something more to add, when the idea of Karaoke came up. We decided to try it and we had around 70+ members participate! It was such a huge success that everyone else wanted in on it, too – so the next time, we invited everyone in our Community and the Sinister Swarm Karaoke nights were born!!! Queen Fate continues to host Karaoke night about every 6 weeks, with a different theme for the contest each time awarding prizes in 3 categories: Most BEEautiful Performance, Most BEEdazzling Performance and Most BEEfuddled Performance! After the contest portion, we have Open Mic Night for the rest of the evening, with the singing going on until the wee hours of the morning! Swarmers bring their significant others & kiddos, and we make it a family affair!
2013: FFXIV: A Realm Reborn made it’s way into the Sinister Swarm community in 2013 with King Zodson at the helm! The chapter has remained active on the Cactuar server, with Knight Kaliaa as Overlord. We’ve seen recent growth in the chapter with the upcoming “Heavensward” expansion due out in Summer 2015.
2013: ArchAge: The ArchAge chapter was launched in January, 2013 when Knight Strovani introduced the game to the Sinister Swarm as Overlord. Like in TERA, we quickly formed an alliance with Tenacious in Archeage. Strovani passed the reigns to King Zodson, who filled the Overlord position before stepping down due to time contraints in 2015. The chapter has seen continued success with Killer Bee SweetCapsaicin handling the day-to-day operations as Vice Overlord since May of 2015, and Queen Fate assisting on the admin side. Fourteen new members joined the chapter in one week in May, 2015, indicating a renewed interest in the game, and we hope to see it continue to grow for years to come!
2014: ESO: The Elder Scrolls Online chapter introduced the franchise to the Swarm as an Official Chapter in April, 2014 with Duke Dracon as Overlord and Siliconhobbit as Vice Overlord. A Trade Guild, Ebonheart Merchants, LTD., was formed by the Sinister Swarm in June, 2014, as an outlet of buying/selling for Swarm members. It was then opened to the public and became a hub of trade for ESO commerce. Knight Splint has since taken on the roll of Overlord and the ESO Chapter remains an active, official chapter.

Summer 2015 & Beyond …
The World of Warcraft chapter has seen a resurgance in participation with Knight Angelhawke as Overlord and SweetandEasy as Vice Overlord! The “Strikers” were born as a static raid group for end game content in 2015, with an additional casual raid group for those wishing to get geared up and learn the ropes. As always, “No Swarmer is Left Behind!”

Black Desert has piqued the interest of many Swarmers, and there has been some activity in Syforge as well. Many are also looking forward to EverQuest Next, as the Sinister Swarm Legacy moves on, it’s unique Community allowing players to form friendships that last from game to game, and year to year!

THE FUTURE: You are our future. With the Swarm Initiative invading Guild Wars 2 and many other games to come, we need strong and loyal members like you that can cultivate comradery, loyalty and friendships that will bind us together through the tough blood drenched days to come! World vs. World, structured PVP/PVE organized activities and more await us.

We continue to foster all of the standards that we instilled in our community nearly 16 years ago. As we move forward we also keep searching for new members that (much like us) have higher levels of expectations and were unsatisfied with previous guild experiences. Legend also summed things up quite nicely in our SWARM PROMOTIONAL VIDEO – 2011 which we hope to have updated soon. For information on upcoming chapters, be sure to visit the “Future Chapter” section of our forums. To discuss the potential for other games within our community, check out the “Games of Interest” section.

Until then, we shall look forward to seeing you in game or simply come hang out with us on our Ventrilo server!

Here in the Swarm we range from casual family players to dedicated hardcore PvPers. Our main goal is to always have fun and meet new and interesting people. For our officers, it is both our duty and pleasure to help facilitate a positive and fun atmosphere for everyone, regardless of experience, rank or play style. We strictly refrain from engaging in open world debates/flaming, and instead choose to let our play speak for itself. Although reaching the top is important, we feel what really matters is how you get there. With hard work and commitment we can achieve anything, but at the end of the day it’s all about having fun, making friends and doing everything in our power to help our fellow Swarmers succeed. We expect that our members always demonstrate respect not only to our community, but to everyone in game. One of us represents all of us. Honor above all else.

16+ Years Gaming Experience.
Superb knowledge, understanding and passion for gaming.
Mature, Family Friendly and largely community-driven.
250+ Slot Ventrillo Server with 24/7 activity.
Dedicated, passionate leadership with a keen understanding of what is required to make guilds work and run smoothly on a large scale.
PvP/WvW/RvR/PVE, all walks of MMO life compacted and specialized within the Swarm!
Weekly Community Wide Swarm Events: PvE + PvP Tournaments, Contests, Social Activities and Challenges; this includes world events & dragon raids and so much more!
Zero Tolerance Policy


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Member Response:


   Member of Sinister Swarm

Replied On: 10/10/2015 at 06:25 PM

The Sinister Swarm is hosting a cosplay parade/costume party, open to all GW2 players!  See the information post.


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Commander jdjitsu.7895
   Member of Ecto Nightmare

Replied On: 10/11/2015 at 09:51 AM

SIN's roots come from TF2? Cool. TF Classic is a very old friend of mine. I fire up TF2 every few months, though I like CS much more. 

GL with recruitment! Though it doesn't seem many people use this site, sadly. People who don't use SoR TS must think we're anti social :D 

*Xeero Cool-Mez,Admiral Wiggin-Engi,Arya Sinfelle-Teef,Dirtyfilthyrotten-Necro,Ender Tha Xenocide-Rev


   Member of Sinister Swarm

Replied On: 04/22/2016 at 03:59 PM

The Sinister Swarm is hosting another Cosplay Parade for Superhero Day and GW2 players from near and far are invited! Here's the link to the information for the event: http://www.sanctumofrall.com/discussion/sor_events/post_48607.html


   Member of Sinister Swarm

Replied On: 06/23/2016 at 06:10 PM

The Sinister Swarm having a "Hail Swarming" (house warming) party to introduce the rest of the other chapters in the Sinister Swarm community to our guild hall this Saturday at 4 PM Pacific with lots of games, challenges, and prizes followed by an evening in WvW, so now's as good a time to join the Swarm as any!  :)  See this link for all the details, and feel free to contact me with any questions about the event and the community!  :D

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