GUIDE: Effective Scouting
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GUIDE: Effective Scouting


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Posted On: 09/08/2014 at 05:47 AM

As a server we need to get everyone working on the same page so that scouting becomes second nature to everyone and becomes an integral part of our game play.

Perceived Problems Of Scouting in WvW

  • Scouting is BORING
  • Scouting is LONELY
  • Scouting is UNNECESSARY
  • Scouting is for the WEAK
  • Commanders sometimes blame scouts for loss of towers etc.


The Key To Scouting


The greatest asset SOR has is its TEAMSPEAK. Keep mentioning it, keep getting it out there in MAP/TEAM/SAY CHAT.

A commander's key job when he enters the battlefield BEFORE he/she even forms a zerg is to make sure that he has scouts in position throughout key keeps, towers and areas of strategic importance.  These scouts will be his eyes and ears relaying important information on enemy positions and areas of strategic importance.


The Types Of Scouting

There are 2 types of scout a commander can call on:

Sentry Scouts

  • Any class can be a sentry scout
  • Sentry scouts are stationary scouts for the purpose of defending 1 or 2 strategic or important locations
  • Main task is to find where white swords are in the map they are scouting and identify the threat in order to inform the commanders
  • Reporting the numbers of enemies, what server the enemies are from, gate or wall percentage, and type of sieges used
  • Stationary view scouting for possible incoming enemies to the keep and save up to 10-15 seconds in advance before they can contest the waypoint
  • Sentry scouts are suitable for those who are semi-afk while watching gw2 screen, swapping every 15-30 mins, as identified by the commander


Field Scouts

  • For finding large enemy zerg as priority
  • Finding weakness in keep or tower. An example is a paper gate or gate/wall that is low on health and not being repaired
  • Finding out what are the distance orange swords about. Example numbers on each side or who is about to win so the commander can make use of this time for strategic attack
  • Identify Golem locations and whether portals are being used to transport. They are utmost priority because they normally represent they are trying to rush on a keep
  • Contesting waypoints to help out our forces when time needed. Example, our forces making a serious push in garrison and enemy Hills has waypoint. Contesting it will making sure that they have to run the long way from spawn point instead of hills. Even seconds of them running adds into the factor of success.
  • Contesting keep/tower/supply camps to hide the true intention of our forces. Example you hear Commander in advance inside Teamspeak that they are trying to golem rush hills, contesting bay on opposite of map will make their scouts running across the map. Because every second of golemkittenting the gate counts.


Golden Rules Of Scouting

  • A commander should never blame his scouts for loss of a keep
  • Commanders to keep an ear out for all scout reports
  • Scouts should be refreshed every 10-15 mins
  • Scouts should get commander confirmation when leaving the battlefield so that they can be replaced
  • Commander should add scouts in his BL into his party, so the commander knows where his scouts are at all times and can talk in party chat
  • Field scouts should be thieves or mesmers.  Both have invisibility, and mesmers can hide in keeps/towers after captured by the enemy
  • All scouts should refresh siege in keeps
  • Scouts should report along with all havoc squads when camps are flipping and how long is left on buffs; this avoids commanders hanging around with a zerg waiting for a buff to wear off


Effective Scout Reporting

  • Who the enemy is
  • Where the enemy is
  • Roughly how many enemies
  • What direction did they come from or are they moving to
  • What siege has been placed down and how many
  • Percentage of the attacked gate/wall
  • Countdown on contested waypoint


Field Scouting Distance and Direction

Scouting distance is the key to successful field scouting.

  • Range 0 - 3k - Tag will remains visible and completely exposed to enemy
  • Range 3k - 4k - can see the figure but the tag will disappear. It can however be highlight with the mouse.
  • Range 4k - 7.5k - can only see the figure now, unable to identify whether it is friend or foe.
  • Range 7.5k and above - In danger of losing the sight of the target, will disappear after 10k range.


Hence, the safest range for scouting is within 3k - 7.5k. Some prefer to keep it with 5k because of the sharp corners and more precise scouting in movement of the zerg. It is easier to guess the destination of the zerg because zerg only moves in straight line.

Angle of the zerg is moving is very important. Because every second cut off helps the commander if they can angle their movements to intercept at a faster rate. Judging from the angle of zerg is moving, it becomes very easy to predict what they are trying to do.

For example the zerg is planning to go to North hills from ruins and our forces manage to get inside hills without them knowing, we can easily wipe half of them with surprise tactics.


Waypoint Contesting Tactics

It doesn't matter how fortified the keep is or how high the level of the guards are. A thief can always contest a waypoint no matter how well prepared they are.

  1. Use shadow refuge upon reaching the gate.
  2. Walk up to the gate and wait for the stealth to fall off naturally.
  3. As soon as the stealth fall down, hit the gate asap before the guards can hit you. Because the guards has blindness that can reapply until you are dead.
  4. As soon as the waypoint is contested, use blinding power to stealth again.
  5. Use hide in shadows to add the duration of stealth.
  6. Spam heartseeker to get out there.


Additional Scouting Tips

  • The smaller the size of your thief the better for obvious reason. Preferably asura or lowest height human
  • When trying to shake off enemies in open field , best to go into area with a lot of mobs. When stealth inside the mobs pack, they will tend to hit the mobs if their auto-target option is activate. Hence with them in combat status, they have to kill the mobs or run out of the aggro range of mobs, only to see you long gone from sight.
  • Use cliffs and high height area to your advantage, most people do not equip with falling traits hence able to shake off 90% of the people chasing after you. Plus thief falling trait add another few seconds of stealth.
  • Dolyaks are your BEST FRIEND! Because of their massive size, you can hide in their bodies when scouting. Your name tag do not appear for a few seconds after stealth if there is a large zerg nearby.
  • Be prepared to sacrifice for the greater cause. Example get inside the circle if lord/supervisor is down and hold as long as you can. You can't stealth because you need to contest the circle. Best bet is to pull out the short bow and infiltrator's Arrow around the outer rim of circle or sharp corners until the help arrive.
  • Don't use auto-target option. It will make it easier to escape instead of heartseeking in wrong direction.
  • Use wall and cliff to hide your presence when scouting.
  • When scouting on massive zerg fight, don't engage or try to kill anyone. Just lure him and lose him in the massive battle.


NOTE:  Thanks to Green Arrow of the Heliox [Hel] guild, formerly of SoR, for originally writing the previous version of this guide!

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