Guild Wars 2 Thief: Dual Pistols and Daggers with Venomous Crits "GW2 Grandmaster"
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Guild Wars 2 Thief: Dual Pistols and Daggers with Venomous Crits "GW2 Grandmaster"


George Welch.4019
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Posted On: 11/01/2012 at 12:33 PM

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Thief: Dual Pistols and Daggers with Venomous Crits

Thief Build with Dual Daggers and Pistols, Venomous Crits

This Guild Wars 2 build for the Thief uses a dual pistol and dual dagger with venom for the utility skills. The main focus will be to reduce the healing and defense of the enemy with our conditions and while boosting our utilities and critical strike chance with our traits. Having the pistols along with the daggers will allow us to be effective at a distance or up close and personal. This is a very selfish build with little support for your fellow teammates. I also made this build with no focus on survivability so it may not be for the feint of heart. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Weapon Choice

As you know by now we are going to choose dual pistols for our main weapons and dual daggers for the second set. You are going to want to start the fight off with pistols from a distance and switch to daggers when the opportunity is right. Your pistol skills will cause Bleeding and Vulnerability doing damage and decreasing defense of the target. When you switch to the daggers you will be giving a ton of conditions including Weakness, Bleeding, Cripple and Vulnerability. If you get all of these on your target they will be on the run fast.


For healing I would suggest Hide in Shadows which has a big heal. Additionally, this heal skill vanishes you into stealth and grants regeneration while curing poisons, burning, and bleeding.


Like I said in the intro, we will be focusing on the Venom utilities. For the most part when I make a build I try to focus on a set of utility skills that are all in the same category, that way you get greater benefits from your trait choices. Go ahead and grab the Spider Venom, Skale Venom and Devourer Venom. These three utilities will give you a lot more conditions including Poison, Vulnerability, Weakness and Immobilize.


For your elite skill choose Thieves Guild because nothing is more awesome then calling out a gang to back you up in a fight. It has a long cool down but it’s well worth it!


For our traits we are going to focus on three lines: Deadly Arts for increased power and condition damage, Critical Strikes for increased precision and critical damage and Acrobatics. In the Deadly Arts trait line first pick up Venomous Strength which will grant might when you apply a venom. Next pick up Quick Venoms . Last pick up Residual Venom which will make your venom last for an extra strike.

In the Critical Strikes trait line, the first trait line will be Furious Retaliation which will grant Fury for 10 seconds whenever our target reaches 50% health. Next, pick up Combo Critical Chance. This will increase your chance to critically hit when using dual weapons by 5%. Lastly, Executioner will provide us with 20% extra damage to targets under 50% health.

We will finish our trait points in Acrobats by picking up Power of Inertia granting us Might every time we dodge.

Play Style

When you are playing this Thief build you are going to want to start the fight from a distance using your dual pistols. At the start of the fight you can use Body Shot to weaken the enemies defense. After you do some damage use the utility skill Spider Venom which will do damage and reduce healing on the target. You want to keep building Vulnerability since it stacks in intensity and continue to weaken the enemies armor. You should also be building your bleeds and make sure they both stay up. When you want to do massive damage, after you have vulnerability stacked, use your pistol skill Unload. From this point you can stealth and then decide if you want to stay at a safe distance or bring the fight up close and personal. If you want to bring the fight to your opponent then switch over to your daggers but remember to continue to use your Venom. Your venom utility skills are the key to this build so use them as much as possible.

That’s all folks. Thanks for reading and as usual I’m looking for some feedback. Feel free to drop a line in the comments with any suggestions or questions.

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