Spvp Machine Gunner build
Jun. 13, 2024
6:23 AM MSK
Jun. 13, 2024
1:23 PM AEST
Jun. 13, 2024
3:23 PM NZST
Jun. 12, 2024
8:23 PM PDT
Jun. 12, 2024
10:23 PM CDT
New York
Jun. 12, 2024
11:23 PM EDT
Jun. 13, 2024
4:23 AM BST

Spvp Machine Gunner build



Posted On: 12/17/2012 at 06:01 AM


Obviously, the main mechanic in this build is the awesomely overpowered use of the SB auto attack and quickness. Extreme damage and a large bleed stack to top it all off makes it ridiculous in 1v1’s. The only class I found that can 1v1 this is the thief and that’s with a very close matchup. Feeling adventurous I decided to try out the much neglected pet skills that the ranger has. The other 3 are pretty much useless, but Protect Me is pretty much Signet of Stone without the needed trait. In layman’s terms it’s awesome. Now on of the things I had trouble choosing between is Entangling Roots and Rampage as One. Both are very nice elites that bring a lot into a fight and can easily turn its tides. However, with the purpose of this build in mind I decided to go with Rampage as One instead of Entangling Vines. That is not to say they are not interchangeable, because they are. Both can be used very effectively with this build. Simply one offers more protection while the other adds to the amount of damage you dish out.

Kingdeath 80 Mesmer
Sobeknofru 80 Guardian
Justice Hole 80 Thief


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