Blackgate's Strategy
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Blackgate's Strategy


Commander Axle.5182

Posted On: 10/30/2013 at 04:16 AM

Hello people my Name is Axle and i am one of the officers of Afterlife (EU).


Over the last two weeks i have observed a trend in how Blackgate operates on our bl and more than likely elsewhere too. They are playing a focus on a Bloodlust guirilla war this has brought considerable points in their direction especialy at times where we would believe our efforts would mean otherwise.

In situations where for example we hold our garrison and the two towers and they own a tier 3 bay or hills stacked to the rafters with AC and treb some of our commanders have felt they needed to reset these objectives and as a result unknowingly fed swathes of points to BG by getting stomped.

BG primarily focus on Bloodlust they depend on using it to turn our attempts to take objectives they are defending into points when they have it and we don't were still blindly attacking highly fortified objectives that they expect us to hit and they can rush out from and grab the points and we get nothing.


  • Commanders keep an eye on the bloodlust buff across all maps focus your smaller groups and co-ordinate with other commanders on the other bl's to strip BG's stack and hit your prizes when their without that way if you fail and or take heavy losses you don't benifit them.


  • In long extended sieges keep note of your bloodlust and your opponents do not let yourself get too focused and they regain it if so pull off immediatly.


  • If possible play them at their own game do not get sucked into confrontation where we are without the buff iether get it ourselves and play defensivly and let them come to our heavely defended tower or keep or strip them of it before engadging and turn those stomps around in our favour.


» Edited on: 2013-10-30 04:25:39

Afterlife [AFTL]
Axle Gizmo - Officer (GW2)


Member Response:


Commander Green Arrow.5689
   Member of Helioz

Replied On: 11/02/2013 at 02:20 AM

Nice post Axle and thanks for the info. I suggest people study this and take heed

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