For Those That Played With [Choo]...
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For Those That Played With [Choo]...


Commander xivor.8754
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Posted On: 04/14/2014 at 03:29 AM


Choo Officially Quits Organized WvW


Unfortunately this dreaded time has come and we will no longer operate in WvW in an organized fashion. Basically Choo is quitting GW2. It has been an amazing year and a half, we have fought, laughed, and cried together. We have built some of those closest, tight-knit friendships you can have over the internet with a bunch of strangers. I hope that everyone had as amazing experience being a part of this guild as I an other had leading it. We are all part of the Choo family now and I hope to see everyone on the battlefield and in the next game we go to!

What does this mean?
  • All WvW/Representation/Raid/Server Commitments/Restrictions are lifted
  • You are encouraged to stay in Choo and chat and keep in touch! Also pop into TS from time to time!
  • And you are definitely encouraged to continue using this site! Especially that shout box!
  • If there is any news about Choo coming back to GW2 or moving to any other game, you will see it here first!
It's been an honor and privilege playing with you guys and girls.
Choo Choo Motherkitteners!
Tytos Hill

» Edited on: 2014-04-14 03:29:56

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