For you, the heroes of Rall...
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For you, the heroes of Rall...


Commander Foghladha.2506
   Site Admin of Gaiscioch na Rall

Posted On: 04/27/2014 at 01:06 PM

Hey Everyone,

I know the megaserver has truly botched what community we had left and I know that some of you may be looking to other shores to at least have a fighting chance in WvW now that the PvE community just got wiped and forced into the general populace that is the entire player base. I understand why some of you chose to go. I don't blame you. But this message isn't for the people who decide to find a home on a new server. This Message is for those who remain behind.

Gaiscioch isn't going anywhere, nor are our events. We have several leaders stepping up to do their part and help lead what we have left on Sanctum of Rall. I'll be real with you. We're not going to win many matches. We may win battles, tick at 200+ ppt, but in the end the Coverage wars will be our bane. Our biggest draw was the togetherness of our community, our PvE events and being able to unite the server against the biggest foes in the game. There's now no reason for another guild to transfer here. So what we have right now is what we will have for the foreseeable future.

I implore you, if you only care about winning the matches, go find fun wherever it takes you. Don't stay here and complain because we're losing. Fact is we will lose a lot of matches, we will come in 3rd, we will not have the coverage we need to maintain.

However if you're a person who like me can't play every day, and want a fun battle then I'm happy to say that we should be able to make that happen. We're going to have many fun battles. Unfortunately I personally can not lead every day and am limited to my 2, 3-hour events per week but there are many other leaders who are stepping up.

For those that are interested in my events they are both Guild Mission (First Hour) and WvW (Next 2 Hours) and take place every Thu @ 6-9PM PDT (America) and Sat 11-2AM PDT (Oceanic). I welcome everyone to come out. We've been having a blast the past few weeks and even ticking in the mid 200's at times. These are very fast paced events so be ready to Go Go Go Go Go. 

My Current WvW Tactic

For those wondering about what I do and how I do it. Take for example last Thursday we began the event with an 80 PPT. By the time we left it was a 235 PPT. As those of you who have followed me out there you've probably notice I change maps a whole lot. The enemies coverage is a lot like ours. They don't have the numbers to splitup. So If we sit and wait and try to defend a keep for an extended period of time we will lose everything we own. The concept is that you do not give your enemy a chance to attack our homelands.

What we do during my events is user Towers and Keeps as large supply camps. I know blasphemy but wait. Think about this for a second and you will see why this works. With 300 Supply in my squad of 25 can take an upgraded keep in under 4 minutes. We can take a wooden one with 200 supply in less than 2 minutes. 2 Superior Rams per door if paper, 3 if upgraded. Now the time it takes for you to travel 3 supply camps to get that 300 supply is roughly about 9 minutes. 

What we do is take the keep, drain the supply reloading our supply in seconds then head to the next keep. We take 2 keeps (leaving Garrison alone unless they don't try to retake their own soil) then bounce map. The key here is that your keeping their keeps paper and without supply. You can bounce between the maps taking both Hills and Bay and then bounce to SOR and lock down the 3 keeps. The key is that you keep something our color on each map at all times. They will tend to protect their homelands first and assault second. If something is always in need of retaking on their map they will leave SOR alone. You'll be taking keeps faster than they can gather the supply to take them back. They will be forced to run supply camps while you're already into your next keep. They can't possibly keep up with you and by the time they retake what you took in the first place you'll be back there beating on the doors again. In 2 hours we've been averaging 10 keep takes. using this model and every single time we've been out we've maintained 200+ PPT with just our 25-40 man group. It may seem crazy but if you can maintain something on their BL's that is our color at all times their zerg will stay home.

My Path:

Send Commander if up (He will ping SE or SW towers for you) That will draw the zerg south while you can strike Bay or Hills drawing them away from you. By the time they see the ping you'll be on inner, by the time they get to inner you'll be inside. Then go back and take the tower then change maps. Get 1 keep on each map then go for 2 on each map. Try to hit anything that you see with upgraded walls because doors will be next and that slows down the process. It may seem like karma farming but there's a solid goal behind it.

  • Keep the enemies defensive keeping their offense off our borderlands
  • Drain the keeps of supply preventing upgrades.
  • Preventing waypointed keeps
  • Added Bonus: A lot of bags, boxes, and rank rewards = more ascended gear on our people. The stronger we get the better.

The whole process you can keep their keeps week while ours are upgrading on SOR BL. You just need to hit fast and hard and make sure their more worried about defense than offense. Just an idea. You don't have to do what I do but I can tell you it works. Haven't had them stop it yet.

In any case I look forward to our continued battles on SOR and I'm not going anywhere. I love you guys and look forward to showing you all a good time when I can. Thanks again for calling SOR home. You guys are awesome.

If you are a person wanting more from WvW and want to have a shot at winning I don't blame you for thinking about going and I encourage you to follow your desire. Passion is what makes games worth playing. Whether it's being the underdog like we are atm or being on top. What makes you passionate about playing? Thats what you need to go after. Still welcome to come do missions with us if ya like :). Take care all and see you on the battlefield.


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Benjamin Foghladha
Community Manager,
Founder and Activities Director, The Gaiscioch Family [GSCH]


Member Response:


Commander Mistress Collisto.1546

Replied On: 04/27/2014 at 02:21 PM

"Keep the enemies defensive keeping their offense off our borderlands"  This is the key for us, even a small force later at night with some success can keep enemies off of our BL. 

Now I am not going to tell people not to do anything.  At this point the most we can hope for is fun.  We can continue to try to interest people in playing on SoR by explaining in the lower tears we are more capable of having smaller guild groups or even havoc group taking more on there own, or just having more interesting fights.  I do tend to enjoy mid day WvW more then I used to as it allows you to feel like your group had a taken bigger more important things and having more success. 

For commanders that take part in runs and map jumping like Fog, realize your strategies will either be loved or hated, there wont be much of a middle ground.  When you jump maps you are pretty much just swatting hornets nests.  They will take back what they have to on there BL, EB, and wait you out.  The moment you log out, they will hit us 3 times as hard and 2v1 our own BL.  I want to encourage you to continue on though, we are all there for fun, and honestly at this point that is what we should be focused on.  The most that I or anyone that doesn't do the map jumping thing, or at least not often can ask for is a few pieces of siege in key locations, and maybe encourage those who where part of the zerg to stick around without there commanders presence for a while to help transition to a lower population.

To the server from the [EVIL] guild... We may not be the most active in WvW on a regular basis, we may not be able to provide large numbers... But we will be there to support you guys the best we can.  We started on this server by choice, we stay on this server because of our friends.  We are happy to roll with all of you and we will even die next to you.  Lets have some fun!

» Edited on: 2014-04-27 16:42:29

Mistress Collisto|Molly Oakenheart|Lena Andersdotter|Heather Jones
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