WvW stuff + Sunday's recap
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WvW stuff + Sunday's recap


Commander KooZ.7619
   Member of Gaiscioch na Rall

Posted On: 04/28/2014 at 06:33 AM

First of all, I would like to thanks everyone who joined me for WvW shinning time and an extra hug for those who stayed after the event to keep our high PPT.


Sunday has been one of the best day SOR had in a long time in PPT (Points per ticks) we were holding it around 250 which was 1st or 2nd position for PPT. Everyone was doing their best across all maps to help out and keep our PPT high while upgrading the stuff we had on our Home Borderland.


Here are a few things that requires to be pointed out because it is what made yesterday's evening such a success and I know SOR can pull nights like these more often!

-Havok group: Having a small group of 5 going on another map than the zerg makes a HUGE difference in WvW. The havok group main purpose is to go hit a Borderland that is all X color and sneak a keep and/or towers. During Sunday's event, we had a Shdw group of around 10 I think holding Bay and 1-2 towers in Borlis Pass Borderland which helped keep PPT high while forcing them to go back to retake it/defend what they had left and it helped the main SOR zerg to take and hold more objectives.


-Scouts: Scouting is one of the most efficient ways to defend what we have and keep high PPT. We need more scouts! Everyone can contribute at scouting, we can do 15-30 minutes shifts for scouts so you do not end up in a keep watching it for the whole night. We need a lot more volunteers to scout to give a relief to the scouts we currently have because it is usually the same people who does it over and over. The job of a scout is to keep an eye on a keep/tower, check the map and look for white swords and make sure to refresh the siege there is in the objective you are scouting. Sunday's event had a few great scouts around that helped save a couple times keeps that we had but at one point we did not have anyone in SOR borderland and it resulted in the lost of 2 keeps before I could notice it. Having 1 scout on our home borderland calling for help would have been enough to save it all but at least, now we learned the importance of scouts.


-Zerg: We had a great zerg that was really disciplined and listened to orders which made everything easier! The role of a zerg is to take stuff obviously. Nothing else to say about zerg since everything went so great on Sunday like every other days. SOR is deadly in zerg/open field fights!


-Upgrades: Very important in our home borderland! Our home borderland should always have garrison and North towers fully upgraded! If we lose it, it is fine, just take it back and start upgrading it again. You do not always need to sit in the things you are trying to upgraded in order to get it done, just doing a upgrade sweep every 15-30 mins is fine and it should upgrade by itself. Here's my philosophy on upgrades: UPGRADE EVERYTHING ON OUR BORDERLAND. I KNOW we MIGHT lose it overnight BUT upgrades makes EVERYTHING EASIER for the night crew. People who are working hard at night to take stuff or defend what we have needs help! This is the bare minimum we can do for them. We all already had that feeling where we look at WvW maps and see no waypoints and makes us sorrow about it but imagine how hard it must be for the night crew, they are not many of them and when they see there is no upgrades and they know they are outnumbered, they even feel worse and get tired of WvW.

For other borderlands, I do not recommend upgrades besides the closest keep to the waypoint we have on the map but this should only be done during our prime time when we have people to come defend when needed (voice comm is key here). For Eternal Battleground, upgrading keep and veloka is priority because other towers are harder to hold. Tip for EB: Build a treb at SE inner, you can hit veloka gate and ogrewatch. Droping cows that drain supply from their zerg when assaulting one of the 2 towers will prevent them from taking our keep even when outnumbered. Had a day where I pushed a 30 man zerg 3-4 times away from the keep with my 1 treb and with the same treb was able to take back veloka/ogrewatch whenever we lost it. (will give more wvw strats soon)


-Defensive siege: Key to defend/slow down zerg trying to take our stuff, need more defensive siege in key keeps.


I will come up soon with a nice guide that covers everything we need to know in WvW including ranks. Give me a little over 2 weeks to get all of that done. I will also tag more often and as a result, I am going to need more rams / arrow carts donations.


Last thing: [EWvW] Elite gaiscioch wvw. This is a guild made a year ago in which I was trying to build buffs by myself, then it turned into a personal bank but I am now bringing it back to WvW and dropping buffs only in it! The purpose of this guild will be to have buffs when possible and will be an attempt at reuniting SOR in this guild when looking for people to play with in WvW. You DO NOT REQUIRE to represent it. The only time we need people to represent it is during my Sunday event when the buffs are up and maybe more often depending on how this project goes but it would only stay as a side guild to rep when we have buffs. Since SOR has many guilds with some people more interested in WvW, this guild could be used as a rally point. When you want to find party members to form an havok group, this guild would be there for finding people to WvW with. I wish I could rename the guild to something representing SOR better but I cannot unless I create a new guild but this one already have nice upgrades in it. Back to representing part, the reason you want to represent the guild when we have buffs is because when the guild is the majority of a zerg/group taking objectives we can claim it right away so it makes it a lot easier to have a +5 in camps and have a big amount of supply on us. About this subject, I need feed back to know if it is a good idea or not and comments about it.


If you read all of this, I would like to thank you so much because it proves we still have people who cares about GW2 and WvW.



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Commander xivor.8754
   Member of Chariot of Fire

Replied On: 04/28/2014 at 10:19 AM

Just a couple of comments in reply to your post!

1) Thank you for your event and all the hard work you do!

2) I ran havoc with [wGOD] members and retook camps and upgraded while you took our keeps back yesterday. After you left to the other BL's and EB, I tagged up on SOR and finished retaking camps and focused on double yakking camps and upgrading towers (since keeps were already being upgraded).  When I left, we had a red map.  The point here is for leaders to work together.  When I came on the map, I saw Kooz already commanding, but I saw that BP was running a decent havoc group taking our camps.  Our Keeps would not be able to be upgraded without supply from these camps, so I messaged Kooz and told him I was going to run havoc for him on SOR. Leaders, we do not always need to run a tag.  We can take small groups and be very effective, too.  I was happy to support Kooz's efforts, just as I have seen SHDW and other groups run havoc when I command.  Constant communication with the CDR is important.

3) Upgrades.  Very good points.  When I lead at night, my goal is to have everything in our BL reinforced by the time I tag down. Sometimes I am successful, sometimes I am not.  And it gets expensive over time.  But, this is our best chance to defending our BL's.  This week, so far, we are having the best SOR BL defense I have seen since the fall.  Lets keep these upgrades rolling! 

4) Havoc groups, if you have guild control and wish to contribute further, feel free to research +5 supply and +5 our camps after taking.  This helps a lot as well.

5) Community guild.  We already have one established: What Would Rall Do [WWRD].  There are not a lot of people in there yet, but this is Javachip's guild and this is where we will be housing community seige storage and our server bank. You might want to seek him out about this.  I believe I have some admin control on there, too...I will check.  Not saying you can't have your guild, but I feel that the ideas are exactly the same and would be better off combining the forces for unity's sake.

I love running with you Kooz, keep it up!  Thanks for your dedication to Rall!

Combat Medic Barbie | Mist Walker Barbie | Rigor Mortis Barbie

Guild Leader of Chariot of Fire [FIRE]


Commander KooZ.7619
   Member of Gaiscioch na Rall

Replied On: 04/28/2014 at 11:57 AM

Thanks for your reply Xivor!

You mentioned a few things that I forgot, but your havok group did help a lot also thanks!

About the guild I didn't know it was around and will look into that since ideas are shared. I will bring the subject during the weekly meeting.


   Member of Ground ZërO

Replied On: 04/29/2014 at 04:23 AM

thanks for the update guys!

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