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WvW Bible


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Posted On: 05/07/2014 at 11:00 AM

This guide is going to contain everything you need to know about World Versus World from very basic stuff to very advanced tactics. Scroll down below to the section you want to read about.


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Commander KooZ.7619
   Member of Gaiscioch na Rall

Replied On: 05/07/2014 at 11:00 AM


World versus World (also known as WvW) is a Player versus Player game mode where players from three different servers, or worlds, battle in the Mists. It features open-world combat on four large maps with up to several hundreds of players per map. In World versus World, players can siege structures such as Keeps and Towers with siege weapons, and battle over resources, to win rewards for their world and World Experience for themselves.

Getting there

There are two ways to get into WvW:

Spawn points

Each World versus World map includes three permanent waypoints, one for each team, to allow basic access to the map regardless of which team is dominating. These waypoints cannot be used by other worlds and are housed in structures protected by Legendary Defenders. Each spawn point includes a set of NPCs where players may repair their armor, sell loot or buy blueprints. There are also several paths out of a spawn location. It is impossible to camp a spawn, as every NPC and player in the spawn point area is invulnerable.

Other waypoints are within objectives and can be added through structure upgrades. These waypoints are to provide fast travel, thus allowing easier access across the map. A waypoint cannot be used if the objective it is housed in is under attack.


The score is on a 15 minutes timer, every 15 minutes it will update your score depending on the objectives you hold. Each different types of objectives have a different score value. Supply camps gives you 5 points, Towers will give you 10, Keeps will give you 25 and Stonemist Castle is 35. Sentries also increase the score by 1 instantly when it is taken. When your world has Bloodlust, it will also increase the score by 1 immediately for every opponent you finish off.


 Supply is a Supply.png Supply is a currency used in World versus WorldResource camps generate supply that can be gathered by players that interact with the Supply Depot. Players can carry up to 10 supply, and additional supply can be carried with world abilities (+5 maximum supply) and the WvW Fort +5 Supply guild upgrade (+5 maximum supply). Supply caravans will deliver supply from resource camps to depots in nearby towerskeeps, and Stonemist Castle.

Supply is a special resource in WvW used for the following:

Each tower, keep and castle has a stockpile of supply that is replenished by supply caravans delivering from resource camps. Stockpiled supply can be collected by players, each of whom may carry a maximum of 10 units untraited and up to 15 while traited and unbuffed (With an additional 5 possible through Art of War, a guild buff). Supplies do not show up in your inventory, but you can see the number of supplies you carry at the top of your screen in WvW.

A stockpile of supply will allow defenders to keep their doors and walls repaired or to build defensive siege weapons. Similarly, attackers need supply to construct their offensive siege weapons. Supply is therefore the basic resource around which WvW revolves.

Siege Weapon

Siege weapons are environmental weapons used in PvP. They are fixed to their build site location, except for siege golems (which can be moved). These weapons can only be used by the team that created them; opponents can attack (and damage) the structures. Important for both offense and defense in World versus World combat, Siege weapons are often the key to winning an otherwise impossible battle.

When placed, a build site is created and requires players to use  Supply.png supply to complete before it is usable. The progress is indicated by a yellow life bar. The build site can take damage during this time, and the more damage it takes, the more supply you will need to reach completion. If the build site is destroyed, the siege weapon and all supply used on it is lost.

Siege weapons can hit more targets than player skills can: either 10 or 50 targets depending on the weapon compared to the limit of five for player skills.

Types of siege weapons

There are six types of siege weapons that players can build. Siege weapons require the corresponding blueprint to place, which can be bought from a Siege Master, obtained as a reward from the end chests in the WvW jumping puzzles or looted as a rare drop from NPCs.

Each type has a superior version available, which deals 50% extra damage at the cost of requiring slightly more supply to complete. The exception is the Alpha Siege Golem, which upgrades to the Omega Siege Golem, a ranged version with improved skills. Superior blueprints must be created at the mystic forge with  Siege Masters Guide (sold by Miyani and Mystic Forge Attendant in WvW Garrison, both are next to the mystic forges.).

Some siege weapons also have guild versions. The build site of the Guild Siege Suit as well as the guild Catapult may be activated directly through guild upgrade tab. The guild versions of Arrow Carts, Ballistae, Catapults and Trebuchets work like the superior version. The Catapult and Guild Siege Suit, however, need less Supply to construct. There is no Guild version for the Flame Ram.

The available siege weapons are:

Flame Ram

A flame ram is a World vs World siege weapon that is used to break down gates. The low monetary and supply costs and high damage to gates make them the obvious choice for attacking fortifications, but their close proximity to the gate makes them vulnerable to attacks from enemy players, and from fortification defenses such as the gate's Burning Oil.

Rams only work on gates; they are ineffective on walls. They have a range of 360 units and an AoE target cap of 50.

The three second fear caused by Flame Blast also makes some defensive uses possible, for instance placing the ram at choke points to temporarily disable enemies that try to run through.

 Regular flame rams are built with Flame Ram Blueprints, which can be bought from a Siege Master for either 6  or 6 . Once deployed, they require 40  to build.

 Superior flame rams deal 50% more damage than regular flame rams and require an additional 10  to build (50 total). They are built with Superior Flame Ram Blueprints, which are made in the mystic forge.

Superior recipe: 5  Mithril Ore, 5  Elder Wood Log, 1  Siege Masters Guide, 2  Flame Ram Blueprints

Arrow Cart

An arrow cart is an area denialsiege weapon that fires a spread of arrows with a maximum range of 2,500 units and an AoE target cap of 50. They are most effective againstplayers and NPCs and can deal some damage to other siege weapons and gates, but deal no damage against walls.

Arrow carts are both common and cheap, and can often be seen used in offensive and defensive manners. Their attacks do AoE damage over multiple ticks, creating persistent areas of denial which are difficult for players to stand or build siege in. They require line of sight, and their damage extends through gates.

PowerCondition Damage and Condition Duration affect the damage and conditions from the arrow cart’s skills.

 Regular arrow carts are built with Arrow Cart Blueprints, which can be bought from Siege Masters for either 6  or 6 . Once deployed, they require 30  to build.

 Superior arrow carts deal 50% more damage than regular arrow carts and require an additional 10  (40 total) to build. They are built with Superior Arrow Cart Blueprints, which are made in the mystic forge.

 Guild arrow carts are functionally the same as superior arrow carts, but they also display the emblem of the owner's guild. They can be built with Guild Arrow Cart Blueprints, four of which may be purchased for 12  + 3  from a Guild Commendation Trader.

Superior recipe: 5  Mithril Ore, 5  Elder Wood Log, 1  Siege Masters Guide, 2  Arrow Cart Blueprints


A ballista is a World vs World siege weapon that fires large bolts to pierce a target with a maximum range of 3,000 units and an AoE target cap of 10. It is highly effective against individual players, small groups and siege weapons, but less so against larger groups and other siege targets.

Ballistae have two primary uses. The high area damage to players of Shattering Bolt and Spread Shotmakes them excellent for controlling choke points such as the entrance to the lord's room in Hills, and the high damage to siege weapons of Reinforced Shotmakes them useful for destroying defensive siege on structures, or for quickly taking down an attacking enemy's siege.

Ballistae require line of sight, and can easily be blocked by the ground or by parapets on the edge of structure walls, depending on the elevation of the target. As such they will often be built on the very edge of walls, making them vulnerable to attacks from enemy players.

 Regular ballistae are built with Ballista Blueprints, which can be bought from a Siege Master for either 10  or 10 . Once deployed, they require 30  to build.

 Superior ballistae deal 50% more damage than regular ballistae and require an additional 10  (40 total) to build. They also have the basic Fire replaced with Improved Ballista shot with a 2 seconds cooldown which is the same thing as Swift Bolt but with a different name. They are built with Superior Ballista Blueprints, which are made in the mystic forge.

 Guild ballistae are functionally the same as superior ballistae, but they also display the emblem of the owner's guild. They can be built with Guild Ballista Blueprints, three of which may be purchased for 12  + 3  from a Guild Commendation Trader.

Superior recipe: 5  Mithril Ore, 5  Elder Wood Log, 1  Siege Masters Guide, 2  Ballista Blueprints


A catapult is a World vs World siege weapon that fires large boulders or gravel to deal area damage with a maximum range of 4,000 units and an AoE target cap of 50. The primary purpose of catapults is the destruction of walls, but they can also deal moderate damage to gates, siege weapons and infantry, and also cause knockback.

 Regular catapults are built with Catapult Blueprints, which can be bought from a Siege Master for either 12  or 12 . Once deployed, they require 50  to build.

 Superior catapults deal 50% more damage than regular catapults and require an additional 10  (60 total) to build. They are built with Superior Catapult Blueprints, which are made in the mystic forge.

 Guild catapults are functionally the same as superior catapults, but they also have a different skin that displays the emblem of the owner's guild. They require only 25 supply to build. They can be built with Guild Catapult Blueprints, two of which may be purchased for 12  + 3  from a Guild Commendation Trader.

Alternately, guilds can build a Guild Catapult consumable for 500 . The consumable requires Art of War level 4 and 1 day of build time. Upon activation, the player will be given a Guild Catapult Blueprint. There is a per-guild 10 minute cooldown on each activation.

Superior recipe: 5  Mithril Ore, 5  Elder Wood Log, 1  Siege Masters Guide, 2  Catapult Blueprints


trebuchet is a World vs World siege weapon that fires explosive shots or tainted cows over long distances of up to 10,000 units. The primary purpose of trebuchets is to destroy walls over distances too large for a catapult, although they can also deal reduced damage to gates and infantry, and cause aknockback effect. Alternately, the trebuchet can be loaded with tainted cows, which deal no damage but create a poison cloud.

Trebuchets also deal significant damage to enemy siege weapons, making them useful for defense in a similar manner to mortars.

 Regular trebuchets are built with Trebuchet Blueprints, which can be bought from a Siege Master for either 24  or 24 . Once deployed, they require 100  to build.

 Superior trebuchets deal 50% more damage than regular trebuchets and require an additional 20  (120 total) to build. They are built with Superior Trebuchet Blueprints, which are made in the mystic forge.

 Guild trebuchets are functionally the same as superior trebuchets. They can be built with Guild Trebuchet Blueprints, which are purchased for 12  + 3  from a Guild Commendation Trader.

Superior recipe: 10  Mithril Ore, 10  Elder Wood Log, 1  Siege Masters Guide, 2  Trebuchet Blueprints

Siege Golem

Siege Golems are large asuran golems that act as siege weapons in WvW. Siege golems move slowly and can be used as a battering ram, allowing the pilot to knock down doors and gates in addition to attacking enemies. The golem is the only siege weapon that is mobile. Their AOE target limit is 10. Unlike with other siege weapons, you can not kick someone out of the golem you build.

Siege Golems glow in different colors when active depending on the type. All of them glow white when they are inactive.

A golem is controlled like a normal player character. When the golem's driver dodges it runs a bit more quickly for a short time. When a golem is destroyed, the driver is ejected and downed.

A golem takes massive falling damage because falling damage is calculated with percentages, the golem will lose a lot of health. If a golem takes enough falling damage that it is destroyed, the driver will be kicked out of the golem, and is defeated.

Mesmer's Time Warp affects golems as well as players. It can be used to greatly increase golem's efficiency. Golems can use Mesmer Portals. This allows them to move across short distances much faster.

 Alpha Siege Golems are the most common Siege Golems. They glow in team color when active. These golems are constructed from Alpha Siege Golem Blueprints. These blueprints may be bought from a Siege Master for either 1  or 100 . They can also be acquired by completing Victory or Death, completing WvW jumping puzzles or looting them from hostile NPCs on a WvW map. Once deployed, a build siteappears, which requires 100  before the golem is built.

 Omega Siege Golems are the upgraded form of an Alpha Siege Golem. They are bigger than Alpha Siege Golems and always glow blue when active. These golems are constructed from Omega Siege Golem Blueprints. These blueprints can only be constructed at the mystic forge like all other superior variants ofsiege weapons. Once deployed, a build site appears, which requires 150  before the golem is built.

 Guild Siege Suits are the guild variant of the Siege Golems. They glow red when active. There are no blueprints for these golems available. They are directly activated from the guild upgrade screen, where up to 5 Siege Suits can be stacked. Each activation however has a 15 min cooldown. Once deployed, a build site appears, which requires only 50  before the golem is built. This build site can not be put back like a normal blueprint would allow.

Guild Siege Suits have identical combat abilities as Alpha Siege Golems. Each one cost 500  and  Research Art of War Level 5 is required.

Omega recipe: 10  Mithril Ore, 10  Elder Wood Log, 3  Siege Masters Guide, 5  Alpha Siege Golem Blueprints

Structural siege weapons

Towerskeeps and Stonemist Castle can be upgraded to have their own defensive siege weapons. These are stationary on the structure and must be purchased as a structure upgrade via the Quartermaster.

Burning oil

Burning Oil is a defensive siege weapon placed over the gates of towerskeeps and Stonemist Castle. For keeps and castles it is default to have Burning Oil; for towers it is a Tier 1 structure upgrade. In both cases it requires supply in order to become operational.

Burning Oil can be used against attacking enemies to cause significant damage. It is very difficult for enemies to approach the gate or use Flame Ram while the oil pot is manned by an enemy player.


Cannons are defensive siege weapons. Cannon attacks can hit up to 50 targets.

Regular Cannons are located inside towerskeeps and Stonemist Castle. For castles and keeps cannons are a Tier 1 structural upgrade; for towers they are a Tier 2 upgrade.

Master Cannon are located at the five Ruins of Power. They do twice as much damage as regular cannons. It requires exactly 10 supply to build, so it can be built by one player. Others are able to help build it.


Mortars are defensive siege weapons that are located inside towerskeeps and Stonemist Castle. For castles and keeps mortars are a Tier 2 structural upgrade; for towers they are a Tier 3 upgrade.

Siege weapons despawning

Once the upgrade is complete, the siege weapons will appear on the structure. If they are destroyed, a build site will spawn after a period of time to allow the weapon to be rebuilt by players.

Player-placed siege weapons despawn if they are not manned for 60 minutes (15 minutes for flame rams). The time remaining is shown by the Siege Decay Timer buff on the weapon; players can reset it by briefly manning the weapon.

Build sites for siege initially have a despawn timer of 2 minutes. Every time a player contributes supply to the build site, the timer is reset to 10 minutes.

Structural siege weapons and build sites do not despawn.

Siege weapon map limit

There are two basic hard limits to siege placement.

There is a limit to how many siege weapons can be placed within a certain radius of each other. 5 weapons (sites or completed weapons) can be set within any 1000 unit radius. If players try to place a new site somewhere within a radius that already has hit its limit, the placement will fail but the player will retain the weapon bundle in their hands.

There is also a hard limit to how many weapons can be placed on the map. This map limit is explained by Mike Ferguson of ArenaNet as "basically anything that is not a ram counts towards one ‘limit’ for the purpose of this explanation and each team can have up to 100 of these types of weapons out at any time per map. Each team can also have up to 100 rams placed on a map." There is also a cap to the number of golems that can be made, which is an unknown value above 20.

Trap (environmental weapon)

Traps are consumable items that are used to build environmental weapons used in WvW. They need 10  to be placed and complement siege weapons.

Placing a trap uses very short-range ground targeting to assist in orientation. Placed traps have a 600×90 rectangular trigger area; only enemies can trigger them. Once triggered, traps affect up to 20 enemies within a range of 1200.


Traps are sold by Traps and Tricks Outfitters for 15  and 525 . Like blueprints they will stack to 250 and are account-bound. Two unique variants are available.

Supply Removal TrapRemoves 5 supply from enemies affected by the trap.

Stealth Disruptor TrapRemoves stealth from enemies and reveals them for 30 seconds, preventing stealth.

Players may only have one of a given trap type deployed at a time. Traps will disappear when a player leaves the map. When placed, traps last for one hour.


When a team owns no defensible objectives (Tower, Keep, Castle) on a map for a full tick, it will be offered a breakout event. The events are started by champion-grade charr NPCs with the surnames of Siegecrusher or Siegerazer located near the spawn point. After ten players gather near them, everyone will receive 10 supply and they will then proceed to the nearest tower. Once there, a pair of capture zones appears. If the attacking team can hold these for a short duration, the NPC places partially-built arrow carts, ballistae, and catapults in the area, each with a protective bubble that protects them and allies inside from damage for two minutes. Once the gate is down, the NPC will join in the charge to capture the tower. A supply dolyak also joins the event, and should it survive until the tower is captured, it will add 100 supply to the tower.

Starting a breakout event towards a structure that is already owned (e.g. when the players take the structure first, without using the breakout event), causes the NPC to walk towards the tower. Once there, no capture zones will appear, the NPC will simply add supply to the already owned tower.


Bloodlust is acquired when your world claim 3 ruins on a map and hold those for 2 minutes. Once you held it for 2 minutes, it will keep giving your world bloodlust until another world holds 3 ruins for 2 minutes on the same map. Around the center of each Borderlands map lies five Ruins of Power. These capture points must be captured and held to earn ranks of Borderlands Bloodlust. They will slowly decapture if left unguarded. The quantity of players on a point does not affect the speed of its capture. These points lack defensive walls or gates; rather, the terrain offers natural chokepoints and hidden routes to facilitate ambushes. Each capture point is overlooked from a tactical vantage point by a Master Cannon build site which only requires 10 supply to build.

What are the ruins on your map:

  • Bauer's Estate

  • Orchard Overlook

  • Battle's Hollow

  • Carver's Ascent

  • Temple of Lost Prayers


Guild claiming

Whenever an objective is captured, any guild may claim it. A claimed objective will display its guild's banner and benefit from any Art of War upgrades. Guilds can claim only one objective per map. A guild can claim an objective at the respective guild claiming NPC after 3 minutes of the objective being taken. If the guild formed the majority of players taking over this objective, they may claim it immediately.

Art of War upgrades

Eternal Battlegrounds' mercenaries

Three groups of NPC mercenaries are present in the Eternal Battlegrounds:

Helping out the mercenaries by completing a dynamic event to earn their loyalty will result in them joining your world's side. E.g. saving Orgath Uplands from hostile harpies will result in Ogres joining your cause; thus, attacking, capturing, and reinforcing nearby supply camps.

Jumping puzzles

Each map contains a jumping puzzle; the Mistwrought Vault in the north-west of each borderlands, and the Obsidian Sanctum in the eternal battlegrounds, accessible from the WvW menu. The Mistwrought Vault is achievable each day on each of the maps. Completing one does not deny rewards for the other two. At the end of each of the four puzzles is a chest that rewards some equipment, siege blueprints and badges of honour, as well as the associated achievement from completing it. They are also notably difficult to complete because they are shared across the competing worlds, forcing players to encounter hostile players while trying to navigate the puzzle.

Weekly WvW reset

The North American WvW matchups reset every Friday at 5:00 PM PST, which is 01:00 UTC (21:00 UTC-4) Saturday, and the European matchup reset at 18:00 UTC (14:00 UTC-4).

At reset players will see a dialog that shows the end score and it states at which position your server is. After a short while they will receive a warning in yellow text that states reset is in motion and they will be sent to Lion's Arch. Approximately 15-20 minutes later, players will be able to enter WvW again.


Pictures and less text heavy basic guide will be up tomorrow, format took so long to do today.

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Reserved for commanding guide


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Reserved for more

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