6/6 - 6/13
Jan. 28, 2022
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6/6 - 6/13


Commander sscripko.5387
   Member of Archangels Haven

Posted On: 06/06/2014 at 11:55 AM

47 Different possible matchups.  Greatest chances:

12.5% - Darkhaven & Anvil Rock

12.3% - Ferguson's Crossing & Anvil Rock

8.5% - Gates of Madness & Devona's Rest

8.4% - Ferguson's Crossing & Emery Bay

7.5% - Sorrow's Furnace & Devona's Rest


In terms of servers matched up against us:  (The first number is the % chance)

0.000251	Isle of Janthir
0.000867	Yak's Bend
0.004133	Stormbluff Isle
0.118543	Borlis Pass
0.220108	Crystal Desert
0.337962	Northern Shiverpeaks
16.225994	Sorrow's Furnace
18.102566	Gate of Madness
26.478702	Devona's Rest
32.350530	Ferguson's Crossing
32.594498	Darkhaven
32.703764	Anvil Rock
23.088647	Ehmry Bay
10.863694	Kaineng
6.909741	Eredon Terrace

» Edited on: 2014-06-06 11:55:38


Archangels Haven [HALO] - WvW Command Team. Purchaser of the Golems. TS Administrator.


Member Response:


Commander sscripko.5387
   Member of Archangels Haven

Replied On: 06/06/2014 at 11:57 AM

Sanctum of Rall
0.000242 Isle of Janthir Northern Shiverpeaks
0.000872 Yak's Bend Northern Shiverpeaks
0.004008 Stormbluff Isle Northern Shiverpeaks
0.014457 Borlis Pass Crystal Desert
0.104060 Borlis Pass Northern Shiverpeaks
0.205145 Crystal Desert Northern Shiverpeaks
0.013349 Northern Shiverpeaks Devona's Rest
0.004919 Northern Shiverpeaks Ferguson's Crossing
0.004679 Northern Shiverpeaks Darkhaven
0.000224 Northern Shiverpeaks Anvil Rock
0.000041 Northern Shiverpeaks Ehmry Bay
2.034304 Sorrow's Furnace Gate of Madness
7.496988 Sorrow's Furnace Devona's Rest
2.981640 Sorrow's Furnace Ferguson's Crossing
2.935861 Sorrow's Furnace Darkhaven
0.474050 Sorrow's Furnace Anvil Rock
0.246693 Sorrow's Furnace Ehmry Bay
0.053161 Sorrow's Furnace Kaineng
0.002143 Sorrow's Furnace Eredon Terrace
8.525321 Gate of Madness Devona's Rest
3.336606 Gate of Madness Ferguson's Crossing
3.283554 Gate of Madness Darkhaven
0.562022 Gate of Madness Anvil Rock
0.295412 Gate of Madness Ehmry Bay
0.063972 Gate of Madness Kaineng
0.002489 Gate of Madness Eredon Terrace
0.966186 Devona's Rest Ferguson's Crossing
0.962973 Devona's Rest Darkhaven
4.583897 Devona's Rest Anvil Rock
3.133158 Devona's Rest Ehmry Bay
0.766815 Devona's Rest Kaineng
0.030520 Devona's Rest Eredon Terrace
1.952979 Ferguson's Crossing Darkhaven
12.360286 Ferguson's Crossing Anvil Rock
8.446893 Ferguson's Crossing Ehmry Bay
2.198862 Ferguson's Crossing Kaineng
0.097936 Ferguson's Crossing Eredon Terrace
12.553474 Darkhaven Anvil Rock
8.569276 Darkhaven Ehmry Bay
2.233659 Darkhaven Kaineng
0.101402 Darkhaven Eredon Terrace
1.593647 Anvil Rock Ehmry Bay
0.076144 Anvil Rock Kaineng
0.491310 Anvil Rock Eredon Terrace
0.051436 Ehmry Bay Kaineng
0.760202 Ehmry Bay Eredon Terrace
5.422733 Kaineng Eredon Terrace



Archangels Haven [HALO] - WvW Command Team. Purchaser of the Golems. TS Administrator.


Commander xivor.8754
   Member of Chariot of Fire

Replied On: 06/07/2014 at 04:34 AM

We got handed the hardest matchup possible.  Gate of Madness was the winner of the bronze tournament, and they are HIGHLY coordinated, and they run multiple strong zergkitten.  Tight, disciplined, good tactics.  We need to watch them.  We need to plays solid.

That being said, our focus should be Blue HANDS DOWN.  Whittle blue down to nothing.  We can still take 2nd, but we need to target blue to out PPT them FIRST.  They are weak with poor tactics.  They run medium sized groups but they are not very tactically sound.


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