The Friday Morning Push !
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The Friday Morning Push !


Commander Greyfeathers.8175
   Member of Perfectionists Cult

Posted On: 06/05/2015 at 09:19 PM

It was almost heart breaking to wake up and see that all the upgrading and hard work the night crew did was destroyed in such a short amount of time by Kaineng. I know when I left the crew had a 2 K lead and this morning we were down by 4 K just before re-set. All I can say is this morning / afternoon was the most fun and hardest push I've seen to win second place ! Not only did Kaineng consistently zerg and troll us all week but their last minute gank on our home borderlands was all for nothing as we recovered and pulled the win out from under them !

Everyone who fought this morning or afternoon depending on where you live in the world..... GREAT JOB !!!

I know there are many to thank for this OMEN / ECTO / GSCH / BARD and others but I wanted to send a special thanks to Taz and Leslie who were two of the commanders I followed this afternoon. I seen a lot of small groups co-ordinate their efforts or join ours and the team work today was just awesome. If I'm forgetting anyone there's no possible way to see the entire battlefield or talk with everyone but as a server everyone that was a very aggravating and stressful week in which everyone really pulled together. I'd love to hear some more details about the battles fought.


Member Response:


Commander Mistress Collisto.1546

Replied On: 06/06/2015 at 04:28 AM

I second Greyfeathers on this.  It was great to see everyone rally up to take it home.  I was on at both times, when Kaineng made the push with upwards of 14 people, 2 Alphas and 3 Omegas.  We had maybe a total of 6 or 7 to defend.  We lost the Garri after a few minute struggle in the lord room.  After this some of our more fair-weathers (no offence intended) left for the night knowing what was about to come.  By the time they went for the 2nd keep it was two of us on the entire map, myself from EVIL and one other from FBB.  The most we could do was call it out in map and try to slow them down.  Unfortunately Kainengs numbers then slowly got even higher.  At some point anytime I would run to anything to try to defend they would cut me off on the way.  In this moment there was no point as they had bloodlust, every spike they had on me would be one more PPT to them.  We waited them out, after about 30 minutes of everything red, they must have got bored and left.  We regained our home BL in a matter of 30-45 minutes as other allies trickled back in.  I could not play past regaining our home BL so I am not sure how the rest of the morning went after that.  I am guessing we started picking up numbers shortly after I took off for the night as we where already closing on 3k behind.

I then logged back online a couple hours before reset when we were about 1500 ppt behind.  I was not in CComs at the time so I am not sure how much each commander or group was communicating, but what I can tell you is that everyone had the same goal and nothing was going to stop them.  One OMEN person tagged up and met up with a few of us from EVIL, and one or two others from smaller guilds and we erased Kainengs hold on the southern half of Ebays BL.  While this was going down I knew others where pushing on other maps, and it was a great time.  

I was wondering during this comeback, just how much does Kaineng fear us right now?  They can not get a break, they are attacked and loosing things to SoR, not just on our map or EBG, but every map!  Great Job to everyone today.  

To those who left last night as things got hard, its ok... Yes it stresses some of us out, sure we loose the PPT faster, but you know what?  You where out there to help with the upkeep before it got tuff, and you where back when we started to retake it.  Without these people we would not have had the supply to quickly retake our map.  I want us to work with these people, I want us to show you just how fun it can be even when outnumbered, lets see if we can change the tide on our karma farmers and show you a great time that doesn't always involve champ bags.  Ask anyone in EVIL just how many keeps we have back capped with just two people.  This is where we excel.  Annoy the enemy is just as effective as facing them head on.

A little more about that last match up.  Kaineng should not think they almost had us because they are better.  As some of you know, We put up a better fight to the groups on EBay.  Read the forums and you can gather that much.  Ebay focused our groups slightly more often then Kaineng, and when Ebay would focus us, there intent was not PPT, they knew they would win the PPT match up from the start.  Kaineng on the other hand took full advantage of this, they knew that EBay was going to target our guys slightly more, and when EBay gave Kaineng the chance, Kaineng took advantage of it.  They would be taking PPT while we where playing with EBay.  Great strategy yes, but it doesn't mean you are better or have more numbers.  I have more respect for Kaineng then I do AR.  They may have delusions on what exactly happened in the last match up, but they are not running there mouths, they are ready for this week, and depending on what we do this weekend will determine there response the rest of the week.

Ebay on the other hand, I have nothing but respect for them, they showed some real class this week at least on the roamer level.  Made some friends with [BDSM] and a few of the [EBAY]/[EVIL] guilds.  I don't think a I had a single Ebay or Kaineng "dance, teabag, laugh" at any death I witnessed or that happened to me.  I had a guild member very early Friday morning laugh in Raid Call and tell me a story about him getting downed by an ebay enemy, and the enemy ran backwards, bowed and left him to get back up.  When I told him why that guy did that, he was shocked and impressed.  Some great people there, and I hope someday we can bring them a real challenge as a server.

Great fun had by everyone last week I hope.  Lets see if we can have almost as much fun this week.  If reset was any indication, it will be a fun week. See you all out there!

Mistress Collisto|Molly Oakenheart|Lena Andersdotter|Heather Jones
Guild Leader of [JADE]


Commander Leslie of the Stars.1706
   Member of Gaiscioch na Rall

Replied On: 06/06/2015 at 01:35 PM

I second what Feathers said, "Everyone who fought this morning or afternoon depending on where you live in the world..... GREAT JOB !!!"

I started my group up at about 11:30 am and it was small, we looked at the score and wondered. We met Taz on our BL with a group and finally got SoR cleaned up. My group headed to Kaineng first and had some tough fights, we tried to take their Hills twice with 20 minute fights inside the inner gates (Feathers with his trusty Golem and me with cata's, etc.). They had it forged up pretty tight, artillery galore and we had to re-spawn and move on to our BL to secure it again. Someone was doing a knock out job on EB and our ticks kept climbing. Later my group, along with Feathers, went back to Kaining and I met up with Omen in comms. They pushed other areas on Kaineng, while we took their Garrison and then Omen pushed on and got their Hills, while we pounded on Bay. I had to tag down after 4 1/2 hours around 4pm and when I logged back in at 5pm, I knew it was worth all of our efforts to fight as hard as we did and take back our second place before reset:).

 I want to thank Omen, Ecto, Evil, Bard, Nice, and any Guild I missed, as well as, my GSCH for fighting so hard and not giving up. We rallied up and took it home! Great job all, see you on the Battlefield!


» Edited on: 2015-06-06 13:42:31


Commander jdjitsu.7895
   Member of Ecto Nightmare

Replied On: 06/06/2015 at 07:51 PM

Yeah, super great comeback at the buzzer! Closest I think I've experienced. I actually like going against eBay and Kain. Definitely a breath of fresh air compared to the super trolly, disrespectful AR. Had some fun duels in OS with both servers this week, and they were all cool guys/gals. Nobody moa-ed me while dueling(which happened 2 times a couple weeks ago). We seemed to do better against Kain night capping this last week, or either they were too busy getting rolled over by eBay..

I was a little worried when Eko, trip and Ice left for Gandara, since they were a huge part of our EB corner defense, but things are going pretty well. I know ecto has been having a blast, especially now that we've got a few more WvWers other than Vanishing Shadows and I. We can actually have a full party plus a few. 

*Xeero Cool-Mez,Admiral Wiggin-Engi,Arya Sinfelle-Teef,Dirtyfilthyrotten-Necro,Ender Tha Xenocide-Rev


Commander iTater.4209
   Member of Pink Quaggan Squad

Replied On: 06/07/2015 at 01:11 PM

Definitely pushed my group hard on Kaineng's BL, and there was a bit of fun screaming.

We were talking about pushing hard on Thursday, we were burnt out hard on reset night with only that half hour break before.

Professor Bannister, engineer

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