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Tue, February 5th, 2013 from 6:00PM to 9:00PM PST

The Great Tyrian Adventure: Queensdale

Event Description:

Hail and Well met adventurers! Coming February 5th, 2013 the Gaiscioch [GSCH] family welcome you to join in a public community adventure across Tyria Every Tuesday Night from 6-9PM PST. The Great Tyrian Adventure will be broken into 5 chapters spread across 5-7 week periods. Each week will focus on a new zone. The objective of this event is to complete meta events, earn skill points, face off against perilous monsters, and meet some of the faces in the Sanctum of Rall community. All players welcome, banners will be provided every hour.

Chapter 1:
The Defense of Kryta

Chapter 2:
Unexpected Allies from Ascalon

Chapter 3:
Reinforcements from the Shiverpeak Mountains

Chapter 5:
Exploring the Maguuma Jungle

Chapter 5:
The Conquest of Orr

Win Prizes For Participation:

Attendees to each event can claim their participation at the event on the homepage of after each event to be included in a random drawing to win one of several prizes. Each time you attend you'll gain a entry for one of the prizes below. We have several "Weekly" prizes that will be passed out each week and several "Grand Prizes" that will be passed out after the conclusion of each chapter. Prizes have been donated to this event by RaidCall, The Gaiscioch Family, and ArenaNet. 

Rare Weekly Prizes:

At the midpoint of each event players will log into and claim their participation. We will click the randomizer and pull a winner from those that have taken the time to register and mark their participation in the weekly event. Registration is open to all participants and instructions will be provided. Once you win one of the weekly grand prizes you will no longer be eligable for the weekly prizes. 

  • In Game Guild Wars 2 T-Shirts - 2 Given Each Week - Donated by ArenaNet
  • 20-Slot Bags - 2 Given Each Week - Donated by the Gaiscioch Family [GSCH]

Exotic Grand Prizes

Exotic Grand Prizes will be awarded at the conclusion of each chapter. A name will be chosen at Random from those that participated in that chapter. If you attended 5/5 in the particular chapter you will have 5 entries into the contest. Only 1 Exotic Grand Prize awarded per person.

  • 2,000 Gem Cards - 1 Will Be Given At The End of Each Chapter - Donated By RaidCall

Legendary Grand Prize:

At the conclusion of the Great Tyrian Adventure we will award the Legendary Grand Prize. Each week you participate is an entry into this drawing. If you attend all 26 weeks you will have 26 chances to win. Depending on how many prizes we get we'll randomly choose participants and award the prizes. Some personal information may be required to allow ArenaNet to snail mail you your prize. I will provide contact information for you to send your winning entry to the ArenaNet staff. Only 1 Legendary Grand Prize awarded per person.

  • TBA - ArenaNet is planing to donate another big prize for the conclusion of the entire event.


Want to donate a prize? Please contact

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Event Details:

  • Organizer: Foghladha.2506
  • Event Type: Community Event
  • Date: Tue, February 5th, 2013
  • Time: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM PST
  • Location: Queensdale
  • Sync: iCal | XML


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