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Wizened Wizards [WISE]

Guild Details:

Founded: 2014 Guild Size: 380 (6 Registered)
Leadership Representative: Crashed.4657 Voice Communication: Discord
Active Hours: All Day
Playstyles:  sPvP    PvE  
 Casual    Crafting  
Social Media:
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Wizened Wizards
Most casual and friendliest PvX guild you’ll ever see!

GUILD ANNOUNCEMENTWISE will be on closed-recruitment when we hit 400 members. Of course a guild can have more than that, but our goal is to be able to know everyone here in this guild to some extent (and if they allow). Closed-recruitment simply means we are not going to be actively recruiting like we have, and will allow people to join/find us. Friends and family are always welcome.

[WISE] is a guild founded on the basis of being a casual, yet structured-based PvX (heavily focused PvE) guild. We strive to bring in the better for our tight-knit guild over the numbers (quality over quantity).

Summary of Guild

  • Region: We have all time zones and many different countries. Based NA.
  • Home Server (WvW): Sanctum of Rall
  • VoIP: Discord
  • No Age Requirements
  • No Website to Join!(We do have a new facebook page if you really want to.)


The guild was formed for a couple of reasons

  • To be able to enjoy the game without any stress over a lot of guild events.
  • To just have fun/be sociable with other people!


While these are limited reasons, allow me to be able to tell you more in-game if you wish.

We go on the basis of being a casual guild; why you may ask? Bluntly put, we have real life outside of this game; it’s not expected for you to be online every night playing the game with us. What is expected is that when you do play, you have a great time with us! Don’t feel socially awkward to hang out with us if you feel real-life may be on a bumpy road right now. However, there is a difference between joining the guild, and letting us know you’ll be off versus joining, then leaving the game, never to say a word. (Inactive rank begins at about 3 months offline, kick at 4th month - UNLESS you have me put you on hold or deployed. p.s. you can always rejoin when you come back to the game.)

Dang, there’s guild rules. Yes, there will always be guild rules; without them, a guild would just get crazy. We don’t have hardly any that are mind-numbing, but definitely encouraged to ask about them before joining us.

What we expect from those who join the WISE community:

  • Be ready to follow some guidelines to our guild (which all comes down to common sense, don’t be racist/sexist, don’t curse/type like a sailor, and have fun!).
  • Get ready to be sociable! =)


While we do have our standard in-game text chat, it’s always nice to have some voice communication too right? We are able to offer that ability! We are able to provide a chat server for all members of our guild, as well as many others! We have our own channel in Discord and encourage you join us in there! (Details are in guild message of the day)

If you have any more questions or concerns that we could not answer here, you are more than welcomed to contact any of the following in game:

  • Crashed – Crashed.4657 (Head Officer)
  • Lividblue – Morningmist.9546 (Officer)
  • Yettahevad (officer)
  • Da Real Sous (officer)
  • Victoria (officer)
  • Jyslin (officer)
  • Hug Junkie (officer)


Thank you for the consideration into looking into the WISE guild, and hopefully you make an adventure with us for the oncoming months! =)

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