6/14-6/20 Possible Matchups
Jan. 28, 2022
6:27 AM MSK
Jan. 28, 2022
2:27 PM AEDT
Jan. 28, 2022
4:27 PM NZDT
Jan. 27, 2022
7:27 PM PST
Jan. 27, 2022
9:27 PM CST
New York
Jan. 27, 2022
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Jan. 28, 2022
3:27 AM GMT

6/14-6/20 Possible Matchups


Commander sscripko.5387
   Member of Archangels Haven

Posted On: 06/13/2014 at 10:39 AM

Most Likely Matchups:

19% - Ferguson's Crossing & Anvil Rock

10% - Ferguson's Crossing & Emery Bay


Enemy Servers List:

0.000003	Isle of Janthir
0.000007	Stormbluff Isle
0.000007	Yak's Bend
0.000164	Borlis Pass
0.000239	Crystal Desert
0.431871	Northern Shiverpeaks
8.493903	Sorrow's Furnace
10.569125	Gate of Madness
18.455024	Devona's Rest
23.620487	Darkhaven
40.725014	Ferguson's Crossing
37.746750	Anvil Rock
24.570568	Ehmry Bay
20.783776	Kaineng
14.603062	Eredon Terrace

Total List of Matchups:
Sanctum of Rall
0.000001	Isle of Janthir	Northern Shiverpeaks
0.000009	Stormbluff Isle	Northern Shiverpeaks
0.000009	Yak's Bend	Northern Shiverpeaks
0.000002	Borlis Pass	Crystal Desert
0.000161	Borlis Pass	Northern Shiverpeaks
0.000263	Crystal Desert	Northern Shiverpeaks
0.278463	Northern Shiverpeaks	Devona's Rest
0.104064	Northern Shiverpeaks	Darkhaven
0.047018	Northern Shiverpeaks	Ferguson's Crossing
0.002449	Northern Shiverpeaks	Anvil Rock
0.000004	Northern Shiverpeaks	Ehmry Bay
0.993775	Sorrow's Furnace	Gate of Madness
4.639820	Sorrow's Furnace	Devona's Rest
1.821548	Sorrow's Furnace	Darkhaven
0.847449	Sorrow's Furnace	Ferguson's Crossing
0.125161	Sorrow's Furnace	Anvil Rock
0.042388	Sorrow's Furnace	Ehmry Bay
0.028446	Sorrow's Furnace	Kaineng
0.000438	Sorrow's Furnace	Eredon Terrace
5.862503	Gate of Madness	Devona's Rest
2.285420	Gate of Madness	Darkhaven
1.059830	Gate of Madness	Ferguson's Crossing
0.221953	Gate of Madness	Anvil Rock
0.086994	Gate of Madness	Ehmry Bay
0.057388	Gate of Madness	Kaineng
0.000978	Gate of Madness	Eredon Terrace
0.142901	Devona's Rest	Darkhaven
0.241611	Devona's Rest	Ferguson's Crossing
3.829606	Devona's Rest	Anvil Rock
2.059532	Devona's Rest	Ehmry Bay
1.383653	Devona's Rest	Kaineng
0.022357	Devona's Rest	Eredon Terrace
1.295789	Darkhaven	Ferguson's Crossing
9.228553	Darkhaven	Anvil Rock
5.141642	Darkhaven	Ehmry Bay
3.527640	Darkhaven	Kaineng
0.073155	Darkhaven	Eredon Terrace
19.220776	Ferguson's Crossing	Anvil Rock
10.393526	Ferguson's Crossing	Ehmry Bay
7.199133	Ferguson's Crossing	Kaineng
0.416459	Ferguson's Crossing	Eredon Terrace
1.708551	Anvil Rock	Ehmry Bay
0.993232	Anvil Rock	Kaineng
2.408714	Anvil Rock	Eredon Terrace
0.528673	Ehmry Bay	Kaineng
4.606389	Ehmry Bay	Eredon Terrace
7.071574	Kaineng	Eredon Terrace


Archangels Haven [HALO] - WvW Command Team. Purchaser of the Golems. TS Administrator.


Member Response:


Commander xivor.8754
   Member of Chariot of Fire

Replied On: 06/14/2014 at 01:02 AM

And...GoM/DR again!

Combat Medic Barbie | Mist Walker Barbie | Rigor Mortis Barbie

Guild Leader of Chariot of Fire [FIRE]

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