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Commander Mistress Collisto.1546

Posted On: 01/02/2015 at 05:42 AM

I posted this earlier under a different topic, but I really think more attention to this is needed.

I am posting this to encourage us to take note of happenings currently on this server, and pass some observations on that I have noted.  These last two weeks I have heard from many people about there enjoyment of WvW lately, many for the first time.  Each time I used the word many, I mean lots!  It is my conclusion what ever we have changed in the last two weeks, or however we have stepped up and got involved has benefited this server in positive ways that we where not able to do many months ago.  Our current commander roster all the way from those spending half days in game, all the way down to our most casual commanders have all been commented on with great encouragement.   There are still the petty issues that all social settings will run into, but they are dimmed by the enthusiasm our current SoR members have been showing.

I have said this to my guild, and I will pass it on about winning this week... We want it, we need it, and we deserve it.  Of course the week is not up for another 11 hours, but judging by our last few days, we will have a few knights out there tonight to insure our victory.

I think our focus at this point is to keep stable what we have seen recently and once proven stable, lets allow it to grow and blossom.

We have all heard the rumors that Kaineng has lost many of there player, and a couple of there guilds.  There man power has slowly declined since they have dropped to T8.  I have seen some desperation from them, including running full thief groups, to there camping of our North Camp to draw us into fights and not focus on our goals.  They are spread thin, they are staying up late, they have spent themselves to try to keep us at bay this week just to get stomped down.  

Fog started something a few weeks ago.  Small group hitting multiple objectives, it has proven very effective.  The strategy I have used on those nights Fog runs is to simply inflict damage on an enemies BL until Fog gets involved, at which point our pressure has been on there BL slowly draining there forces from EB.  I then instruct my guild to head into EB and we hit it hard.....Very hard... This last week, the first objective was Kainengs fully upgraded keep with full supply. There was so much chatter in map chat "We are all going to die, this is insane, we will never be able to"  as soon as the ring was up, there was a change.  :)  "OMG!, this is awsome, holy ----" this change in chatter was something encouraging for me to read and the comments there after started flowing in to me, and I am sure Taz received some comments, whos group was more then willing to help, and would not have been possible without.

My message to other commanders, be bold, take some chances, when you are met with force, use more force.  Don't get drawn into a prolonged siege battle. Worry about upgrades, but don't get tied to them all day.  Keep your forces moving.  Share your commanding tactics with others and lets see what we can do in the future.

Great Job this week to all, and you may all pass on any of this in any manner you would like.  You have all earned this win.

Sanctum of Rall will keep fighting!

» Edited on: 2015-01-02 05:45:31

Mistress Collisto|Molly Oakenheart|Lena Andersdotter|Heather Jones
Guild Leader of [JADE]


Member Response:



Replied On: 01/02/2015 at 05:55 AM

Wow, just checked before heading out to work this morning. Outstanding job by the "night" crew. As of right now we control 100% of 2 maps and a good chunk of the others. Semper Fi guys and dolls.


   Member of Gaiscioch na Rall

Replied On: 01/02/2015 at 06:59 AM

<3 all my heart to SoR well never stop fighting!!!


Lets do this!!!

-Greenstone "Big Green Guy" / Richard Ryder "The Crimson Nutcase" / Viridis Caedo " Green Death" / Walla Quilcai Tuta "Necro Inka"

"Wars Come And Go, But My Soldiers Stay Eternal"

"In Hood We Trust"



Replied On: 01/02/2015 at 06:25 PM

matchups predictions are we move up a tier with a win this week. lets getter done.

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