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The Great Tyrian Adventure

SANCTUM OF RALL - The Gaiscioch Family announced today their plans for the Great Tyrian Adventure Season Two set to launch Tuesday, September 10th, 2013. In their quest to fill the purses and pockets of every player on Sanctum of Rall and aid their realm in earning ascended gear they have devised a plan to create a new temporary guild called SOR Community Events [SORC] which will be used every Tuesday from 6-8PM to host server wide public guild missions.

Each Tuesday the Gaiscioch Family will host this new event running all participants through Guild Bounties, Guild Challenges, Guild Puzzles, and finishing the event with a celebratory Guild Rush with the fan favorite Prize Giveaway Raffle at the finish line. Every participant who has not previously completed the weekly guild missions will receive 2 Gold, 6 Guild Commendations, and a minimum of 8 Rare Items.

This season will feature 14 events broken into 4 chapters, progressing through the remainder of 2013. The schedule is subject to change based on availability and introduction of new content. Be sure to check the site for details and calendar adjustments.

Event Agenda:

  • 6:00 PM Server: Welcoming Ceremony - Shaemoor Waypoint [&BO8AAAA=]
    Introduction, Grouping, and Socialization

  • 6:15 PM Server: Guild Bounty - 2 Commendations, 2 Rares, 50 Silver
    Track down and kill various outlaws for the Orders

  • 6:30 PM Server: Guild Challenge - 2 Commendations, 2 Rares, 50 Silver
    Complete the most challenging events Guild Wars 2 has to offer.

  • 7:00 PM Server: Guild Puzzle - 1 Commendation, 2 Rares, 50 Silver
    Not very good at jumping? Thats ok we've got portals! Join us as we explore the depths of the far corners of Tyria.

  • 7:30 PM Server: Guild Rush - 1 Commendation, 2 Rares, 50 Silver
    Transform into adorable animals and navigate your way through perilous terrain dodging traps, falling rocks, and creatures looking for a snack. 

  • 8:00 PM Server: Sanctum of Rall Celebration & Raffle - at Shaemoor Waypoint [&BO8AAAA=]
    Guilds come and represent your colors. Meet new players and have a pint on the house. Banquet's and Banners will be provided for all!

Prizes Include:

Weekly Prizes

  • Silver Item Awards- 3 Silver Item Awards - Exchangeable on for an Exotic Item or 15-Slot Bag from the Silver Award prize vault.
  • Gold Item Awards - 1 Gold Item Award - Exchangeable on for an Full Set of Exotic Armor or an 18-Slot Bag from the Gold Award prize vault.
  • 18-Slot Bags - 3 18-Slot Bags
  • 20-Slot Bags - 1 20-Slot Bag

Chapter Prizes

  • Silver Item Awards - 5 Silver Item Awards - Exchangeable on for an Exotic Item or 15-Slot Bag from the Silver Award prize vault.
  • Gold Item Awards - 3 Gold Item Awards - Exchangeable on for an Full Set of Exotic Armor or an 18-Slot Bag from the Gold Award prize vault.
  • Platinum Item Awards - 2 Platinum Item Award - Exchangeable on for an item or reward from the Platinum Award Vault. Rewards include: Guild Wars 2 Costume Items, 20-Slot Bags, and more TBA.
  • 18-Slot Bags - 5 18-Slot Bags
  • 20-Slot Bags - 1 20-Slot Bag

View Prize Vault


  • Must Have at Least 1 Waypoint in Every Zone (Preferably the 4 corners and middle of every zone). Events are random and we can not choose where we must travel. See for waypoint list and details.

  • Must Have 1 Guild Slot Available. Make sure you have a max of 4 guilds between pending and accepted invites on your Guild Panel before the event. You must represent [SORC] for the game to give you credit for this event.

  • Must Register at Participants must claim participation on to be eligible for the nightly raffle.

Season 2 Calendar:

Chapter 1:
Sep. 10th: Part 1
Sep. 17th: Part 2
Sep. 24th: Part 3
Oct. 1st: Part 4

Chapter 2:
Oct. 15th: Part 1
Oct. 22nd: Part 2
Oct. 29th: Part 3
Nov. 5th: Part 4
Nov. 12th: Part 5

Chapter 3:
Nov. 19th: Part 1
Nov. 26th: Part 2
Dec. 3rd: Part 3
Dec. 10th: Part 4
Dec. 17th: Part 5

Tuesdays @ 6-8PM Server on Sanctum of Rall

This event will be hosted on the Gaiscioch Family RaidCall Channel: 1101 and feature a soundtrack selected by Great Tyrian Adventure host Foghladha. Be sure to download RaidCall from and join us on channel 1101 before the event to listen in to the instructions. Curious guests welcome. Join us for fun times, epic loot, and memorable adventures.

To learn more visit:

Watch the livestream at:

Important Locations:

The following locations are highly recommended to have in advance before you attend the event. Copy and Paste the [&CODE=] into your Guild Wars 2 chat bar to reveal the location of an important waypoint.

  • Blazeridge Steppes [40]
    [&BPsBAAA=], [&BP0BAAA=], [&BAICAAA=], [&BP4BAAA=], [&BP8BAAA=], [&BAACAAA=], [&BAUCAAA=], [&BFIDAAA=], [&BFEDAAA=], [&BAECAAA=]
  • Brisban Wildlands [15]
  • Diessa Plateau [15]
    [&BLcAAAA=], [&BGQBAAA=], [&BF8BAAA=], [&BMkDAAA=], [&BN0AAAA=], [&BGMBAAA=], [&BN4AAAA=], [&BMUDAAA=]
  • Dredgehaunt Cliffs [40]
  • Fields of Ruin [30]
    [&BEsBAAA=], [&BEwBAAA=], [&BNQAAAA=], [&BFEBAAA=], [&BNMAAAA=], [&BD0EAAA=], [&BEoBAAA=], [&BNYAAAA=], [&BE0BAAA=]
  • Fireheart Rise [60]
  • Frostgorge Sound [70]
  • Gendarran Fields [25]
    [&BJQBAAA=], [&BI8BAAA=], [&BM0DAAA=], [&BIsBAAA=], [&BJMBAAA=], [&BI4BAAA=], [&BMwDAAA=]
  • Harathi Hinterlands [35]
    [&BKUAAAA=], [&BLIAAAA=], [&BMMAAAA=], [&BKcAAAA=], [&BKgAAAA=]
  • Iron Marches [50]
    [&BOoBAAA=], [&BOMBAAA=], [&BOkBAAA=], [&BOIBAAA=], [&BO4BAAA=], [&BOYBAAA=], [&BOQBAAA=], [&BOsBAAA=], [&BOcBAAA=], [&BOUBAAA=]
  • Kessex Hills [15]
    [&BAoAAAA=], [&BA4AAAA=], [&BAQAAAA=]
  • Lornar's Pass [30]
    [&BOkAAAA=], [&BFMGAAA=], [&BOgAAAA=], [&BJYBAAA=], [&BJkBAAA=], [&BJgBAAA=], [&BFIGAAA=], [&BOcAAAA=]
  • Mount Maelstrom [60]
    [&BNICAAA=], [&BM4CAAA=], [&BMwCAAA=], [&BNACAAA=], [&BMkCAAA=], [&BMoCAAA=], [&BNMCAAA=], [&BM0CAAA=], [&BMcCAAA=], [&BMsCAAA=]
  • Plains of Ashford [1]
  • Snowden Drifts [15]
    [&BLcAAAA=], [&BL8DAAA=],[&BLYAAAA=], [&BMIAAAA=], [&BLMAAAA=], [&BL8AAAA=]
  • Southsun Cove [80]
    [&BNAGAAA=], [&BNwGAAA=], [&BNgGAAA=]
  • Sparkfly Fen [55]
    [&BM0BAAA=], [&BMwBAAA=], [&BLQDAAA=], [&BMcBAAA=], [&BNABAAA=], [&BMgBAAA=], [&BMYBAAA=], [&BLMDAAA=], [&BE0DAAA=]
  • Timberline Falls [50]
    [&BEYEAAA=], [&BFUCAAA=], [&BFACAAA=], [&BEsCAAA=], [&BFECAAA=], [&BEwCAAA=]

Hosted by: The Gaiscioch Family

Since it's inception in November 2001, the Gaiscioch Family has played host to large scale public community events in four different MMORPG. Their events have included the Dragon Hunt of Nimue and Siege Night in Dark Age of Camelot, the ever popular Battle for Badlands in Warhammer Online, The Telara Saga in RIFT, and the Great Tyrian Adventure in Guild Wars 2. Their goal is to create inclusive events that produce epic memories, new friendships and a healthy server community. For more than a decade the Gaiscioch Family has been bringing fun & interactive community events to every server they have called home.

For more information visit:

Event Details

  • When: Starting Sept 10th, 2013
    Tuesdays, 6-8PM Server
  • Location: Shaemoor Waypoint, Queensdale [&BO8AAAA=]
  • Server: Sanctum of Rall
  • Voice: RaidCall: 1101
  • Watch:

Register to Participate

Mission Guides:

Provided by: GSCH


Login to claim your participation in this event series for a chance to win prizes.

Season 2 Winners

Sponsors & Partners:

Event Host:

Communication Partner:

Prize Sponsors:

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