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We Immortals [WILD]

Guild Details:

Founded: 2017 Guild Size: 250 (5 Registered)
Leadership Representative: NiIVNi.2695 Voice Communication: Discord
Active Hours: 12-3PM, 3-6PM, 6-9PM, 9-12AM Server (PST) Homepage:
Playstyles:  sPvP    WvW    PvE  
Social Media:      
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WILD logo
We Immortals are a multi-game community (guild, clan, etc.), established on July 30th 2017, which expands into every online multiplayer game we decide to play together. The majority of us live in the United States & Canada, but WILD is open globally to English speaking gamers.

All of us Immortals have a direct impact on WILD’s evolution, and we’re proud of what we’ve created together. Our loyalty to WILD and each other is strong. For us, being an Immortal means having a group of people that we’ve gotten to know well over time, that we trust and feel comfortable jumping into any game with. We’re fam here. We’re real with each other. We love that our members are diverse in every sense. We draw strength, perspective and understanding from one another, as people and gamers. We have open and honest discussions about pretty much everything. We uphold a socially mature environment which is welcoming, supportive, non-toxic, helpful, laid-back, embarrassingly goofy, & arguably crazy (crazy fun); especially when off our meds!

WILD is transparently run by a select group of upstanding volunteers from our membership. Our Leadership Team works diligently to provide us with everything we want a guild & clan to be, because we are here to stay. WILD forms strong bonds with other communities that have earned our trust, and we support them in games with fierce loyalty. Some guilds & clans have joined WILD to expand us into new games. We’ve been extremely lucky to be so trusted and respected in the games we’re in.

Games come-and-go, but 'We Immortals' are forever! 'Live Dangerously' is our in-game ethos. As you probably guessed, that’s where the acronym ‘WILD’ is derived from. We’re not afraid to take wild risks in the games we play. We Immortals keep respawning, never dead, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

We're extremely proud to rep WILD. It’s our hope that you’ll do the same by joining us!

Vork & XEN (Co-Founders of WILD)

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