Communication, Coordination, intelligence and discipline are the keys in WvW
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Communication, Coordination, intelligence and discipline are the keys in WvW


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Posted On: 03/04/2014 at 01:05 AM

Hi, I'd like to share the things I notice this week regarding Communication, Coordination, intelligence and discipline in WvW.

While I understand ppl would like to play as they like, there are still some basic but critical things we would need to do in WvW. I am not sure how many ppl would read this post, but at least I try to help rebuilding wvw environment, so that it stay away from bad loop, which I will explain later.

A.   Communication

1. If there is already a pin on the map, when the 2nd cmd comes in, pls talk to the 1st cmd to decide strategy, and also show respect to ppl. This is because ppl tend to follow cmd.  If we have 2 pin on the map, ppl would get confused, which cause our forces to split up.  If one of the cmd doesn't intend to lead the whole map, ask her/his group to tag him, instead of pin up, would be a nice method. If we decide to run duel pin, pls tell ppl the plan.

2. If cmd would like to pin down or switch map, pls inform in map chat, so ppl know the situation, instead of wondering what happen and not knowing what to do next.

3. If we have hovoc geam, guild group or roaming ppl on the map, besides the main pin, pls keep each other informed in map chat about the plan.  This way allow us to coordinate better, and we won't hit the same target at different gate/wall !!  Also, cmd could ask for help from havoc or roaming.  This will effectively enhance effeciency.

B. Discipline: I'd say this is the most important thing. While we run or play as we like, we would need some discipline. For example, stacking with cmd, not running away to chase random ppl, push/retreat as cmd requires..etc.  This is to maximize our forces as enemies always like to cut tails.  We may not bbe able to res quickly, which would lead us wiped.

C. Intelligence: Please always report number, location, enemy server, timer, gate/wall %, or ring up%,  if possible.  Roaming or havoc group can always do the best while they run around.  This could help to defend or form strategies.

D: Coordination: We need to be more organised with defending.  Especially when we are outnumbered, we need ppl to stack with cmd and do what cmd requires.  Of course, we would need some training for open fights, so we could make enemy to retreat or get killed.  We do have players with excellent skills, but we need to work together.  After all, 1v5 mostly is a lose.

The follow is what I really hope to see for better wvw experience:

1. Please always try to defend when we have a chance. Losing upgraded objects as a trade off for a paper object would effect morale, as ppl have been putting their own gold and time to upgrade objects to allow us easier to defend. If we don't try to defend, ppl would feel disappointed and not willing to help again.

2. While it is respected ppl like to play their build, I am afraid to say there is some formula or builds that keep us alive, or allow us to hold long, or even wipe enemy.  With our less number in WvW, we need strong fronliners, which are mainly guardian and warriors. Also we would need skillful backliners to work together.  I believe no ppl would think keep being wiped is fun.  With the number we have, from what I see, we do have chance to wipe ppl.  It is just we need trainings and a few ppl willing to change builds.  I know it isn't easy to change, as I didn't want to myself.  However, you'll find it happier.  As a condition mesmer, I can't kill quickly enough, while they can't kill me in short time either.  And it doesn't look right I am the last one standing in a fight.

Here comes the bad loop I mentioned.  The core is about helping each other, and I try to explain clearly:

From the experience I have in wvw and managing guild, ppl need to help cmd in wvw.  If ppl just don't listen or help, cmd wouldn't have the will or heart to lead, as they would always find the effort is in vain, achieving nothing.(Yes, I have heard several rage quit/pin down since my day1 in wvw.)  Even if cmd doesn't give up in short time, eventually they will. Then we lose cmd.  After we lose cmd, we lose ppl too.  This is because when ppl come in wvw and don't see cmd, they would possibly just leave.  Even if they try to do something, they wouldn't be able to do much without coordination. This is especially true in open fights.  When they get tired or mad, they won't come in again. (Yes, I alao have heard of such complains countless times.)  Then, we have even less ppl in wvw.  When cmd come in, he would feel even less motivated as there is about no one to command or to achieve anything.  This is how moral or fun in wvw goes down to hell. And this is the last thing I like to see in wvw. I have seen the loop destroying guilds and even servers. I like SOR, so I try my best to prevent it happening. However, it would need everyone to help.

At last, if any guardian and warrior are willing to go tanky and healing, to form strong frontline and to be the undead punch bag for backliners, pls contact me in game.  If we have 1/3 of ppl with these builds, we would have even more fun. 

(I share the account with my husband.  My toon name is Legendary Vic.  Please either mail, pm or catch me on ts.)

I have been giving out ts info.  Please hop on ts when you run in wvw.  If ppl gets on and don't see ppl, they won't come up again.

I am sort of the last one staying on the server while all my guildies/friends left.  I still try to have fun on SOR wvw, refusing to leave unless I can't have fun anymore.  This is why I have been reading forums and write, trying to help whatever I can. It takes time for changes, but let's try to have some improvements slowly.



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Commander timmyf.1490
   Member of Super Mega Happy Fun Time

Replied On: 03/04/2014 at 10:28 AM

I'm not a huge WvWer, but as somebody who mostly does PvE, here's some advice for other PvEers who might try WvW:

  1. You can definitely play as you want, but the strategy on this post is what is most likely to keep you alive and lead to success. If "getting killed a lot because you aren't geared properly" is the way you'd like to play, that's absolutely an option. It's just not much fun. (To me, anyway.)

  2. Gearing is very different in WvW. Soldiers is pretty common gear.

  3. Voice chat is absolutely essential. You don't need to talk - in fact, most of the time you shouldn't talk - but listening to commanders on voice should be seen as a requirement. It makes everything WAY easier. You'll find that, if you don't use voice, all of a sudden everybody disappears or heads in a different direction and you end up dead. This is because the Commander was explaining and preparing for that on voice and you didn't hear.

Just my two cents.

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Replied On: 03/04/2014 at 08:06 PM

Hi all,

This is what I have observed so far and I thought it would be good for this to be voiced out. The concept behind a community forum and a community TS is great but if there are no participants, then it hasn't served its intended purpose.

This is at least what's happening during the timezone that I play in. Right now, I am not sure if there are any SEA / OCX guilds that are running WvW groups during this timezone [6am - 9am server time] and who are the commanders. If there was more information on this, we could band ourselves together to pull the numbers required for this timezone. We may not have coverage 24/7 but if we can tick PPT for this 3 hours, that would be a good start - even if it means PvDoor and getting steamrolled when the opposing zerg comes onto the map. We do have a number of players who are roaming in WvW, if we could grab hold of them and pull them into TS, we could pull this off.

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