What is "fun" in wvw
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What is "fun" in wvw


   Member of Ground ZërO

Posted On: 03/07/2014 at 01:26 AM

It seems ppl feel play for ppt and for fun doesn't coexist.  This makes me think: is it true.  What is so different between them? I think ppl play for ppt also have fun too? 

As we are working on our blueprint for wvw for the best interest of whole SOR, the most important is to let everyone have fun. Considering everyone has different play style or preference, we would need to plan for a structure where everyone can fit in and have fun.  Thus, pls give some ideas about:  What do you consider for fun?  Then we could have a more clear idea about how we can work together.  So, shoot!


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Commander xivor.8754
   Member of Chariot of Fire

Replied On: 03/07/2014 at 05:35 AM

I think the game loses its "fun" when it becomes a "chore".  Having designated guild events, small groups, large coordinated activities periodically established...that is fun.  It does not become fun when WvW becomes a job, where you get so ingrained in success that every little "failure" in the game results in anger and frustration.  Some commanders get like this because they command so frequently, that they get tired out.  This is "part" of the problem with the guilds that left.  Tired out commanders (and guild groups) lead to less fun.

Also, fun also can be established by a rewards system. People want a sense of accomplishment, and tangible things they receive and own as a result of their efforts assist in making the activity fun.  I am not saying everything is about rewards, but this does help in establishing a fun environment.

Mentality is everything.  In WvW, it is easy to get high strung and lose focus.  In TS, laugh a little.  Make jokes. Do things that are less tense at times. Repeatedly attacking and failing a garrison is not going to be fun after repeatedly doing it 15 times.  Go for some quick caps...take a tower and all easter supply camps.  Hold off an entire side.  Capture bloodlust for the map and go on a farming spree for bags.

Fun is different for everyone.  Variety can lead to fun. Energy and laughter can lead to a fun environment. Accomplishments and rewards assist in making the environment fun.

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Commander limetwyst.7039
   Member of Blood of the Martyr

Replied On: 03/08/2014 at 01:24 PM

Xivor hit the nail on the head. 

Whether a group finds PPT focus fun or karma training fun, each playstyle has its own rewards and its own frustrations. 

Even for groups that really want to keep the PPT up, if the game starts to seem like a chore, resentments build up, tensions rise, people get snippy, and "fun" disappears right into PPT purgatory. It's good to take an honest assessment of your resources on hand and understand the limits, and be happy with the people that showed up.

A little patience and willingness to loosen up goes a long way to sustaining fun for everyone.

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Commander Foghladha.2506
   Site Admin of Gaiscioch na Rall

Replied On: 03/08/2014 at 03:47 PM

I think the important part is that you decide what is fun for you. 

What we are trying to accomplish here is to take each and every persons individual concept of fun and put it to work for the maximum effect. We don't have the players we used to just a few months ago. I doubt any of us have seen a Queue in a few weeks and I doubt thats going to change any time soon. Between now and then we need to encourage everyone to come out and have their idea of fun. This will give us the highest potential to move that PPT up. 

For me I enjoy Psychological warfare. I love to build my foe up and then tear them down abruptly. Letting them think their winning then decimate them before they can realize what happened. I find enjoyment by fighting the pitched battles where there's no way we should possibly win, yet somehow through demoralization, boosting their overconfidence, and controlling our morale we end up prevailing. PPT is just a added bonus in the whole thing. The way I see it if I can demoralize my foe, I don't have to have the biggest army on the field. I just need to keep them arguing amongst themselves.

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