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The Murder Junkiesx [TMJ]

Guild Details:

Founded: 2007 Guild Size: 5 (8 Registered)
Leadership Representative: Rhino.7583 Voice Communication: Ventrilo
Active Hours: 9-12PM, 12-3PM, 3-6PM, 6-9PM Server (PST)
Playstyles:  sPvP    WvW    PvE  
 Casual    Crafting  
Social Media:
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We have come to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and we are all out of bubble gum.  

Vets from WARhammer Online.  Volkmar, Gorfang, Ironrock and Badlands servers.  Once word came down that WAR was shutting down we sent scouts out to find the next place to wreck havoc in, and it is in GW2 that we have found a new home.

Since GW2 does not permit alliances we consolidated members from several guilds within our alliance from WAR.  The alliance was known as BOB.  Think norm from cheers and you are walking down the right road.

The Murder Junkies is a Mature guild that came together hunting in PvP as a pack using Ventrillo to communicate and teamwork to out play, out kill and out last our enemies... and we did it having fun.  Many of the members have been fighting next to one another for several years and we have the cohesion to show for it.  In GW2 we hope to continue our tradition of working together as a team for the benefit of the server and hopefully make some new friends.  LONG LIVE SANCTUM OF RALL!!!

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